Its been a year+ so WHEN?


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Its been a year+ so WHEN?, ^---------------
I hate to be impatient. and im sure a communication server really must be a nice thing for someone. But really a instant messeging system is the last thing anyone really needs another version of. IM's are a dime a dozen.

RA really had something going here. The remote Client is great. Well it WAS great. How long has this beta product been out and testing? Your clients are moving on. You can only coast on 2.2 for so long.

I happen to have a friend who writes very good software for Terminal connections, FTP services and other internet services. Hes a single person and hes released tons of new features in the time RA has been "beta testing" v3.

I dont want to be critical but really, WHEN do you plan to release this? Give us some hope please guys, i cant put a beta product on a SBC network. But if you would come out with a new version before i tell SBC to switch to something else, maybe i could get SBC, (now changing names to AT&T) to write a testimonial for you. Wouldnt that be nice.

*sigh* please just give us some hope.
Radmin Server 3.0 should be presented at CeBIT'06 in March 2006.
so is that pre-release? or can we get it sooner? does the beta right now support transparent windows?
ok we wait for 2006/03 to update all our paid client licenses.

Hopefully this date is fixed.
Please, can we have a Beta-Product that supports Transparent windows please.. PLEASE. these last 3 months with out transparent window support is really killing me. It will take me Three months to get another software cleared to work on this network. And RA is the only thing approved to run on this network. Let me Beta test your Transparent window supported version please.
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