Viewer 3 no keyboard action for at least 20 secs


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Viewer 3 no keyboard action for at least 20 secs
Used again ur support form today to inform u.

Dear Sirs,

Month ago i informed about the following bug.

When i user viewer 3 and connect to a pc i type the normal radmin pass, after that the nt logon screen shows up where i can logon to our windows domain.

For at least 20 seconds its not possible to type the pass. When i use the viewer of version 2.2 the problem doesnt appear.

That happens on all our 25 Pcs.

It doesnt matter from which pc i try to access the clients, even reinstalled my admin client system, no change.

Kind Regards
That is a known bug in 3.0, try minimizing and then maximizing the client. That should give you keyboard control

Why cant this be fixed within a certain time. I know its Beta but for a paying customer its hard to understand, why such a bug cant be fixed.

How long will i have to wait, pls dont tell me till cebit!?

Oh no, look at that Topic and especially the date when the user created it

So theres no hope at all that anything will be fixed

Thats bad service
That is why I am looking at Ultra VNC as a replacement.
Better file transfer (at least for what I do) in that I can transfer to a network drive.
And the keyboard works.
I was in love with Radmin as a PCAnywhere replacement, but have started to fall out of love with the amount of time between updates. This bug has been around for more than 13 months, and we have yet to see any movement on it, while in the meantime a whole new product has come out the door.
I wonder when we will actually see an update to Remote Admin?

(and don't tell me March of '06 as keeps getting posted here, I find it hard to believe that if that is the release date there isn't a corrected client floating around somewhere, much less a version of the new server for testing).
I've found a couple different ways to fix this problem, though they do not always work properly and I do them in no specific order.

1) Minimize and maximize the remote screen

2) hold left shift key

3) send a ctrl+alt+delete (worked when workstation is locked and using Novell client)

It is rather disappointing that there isn't an update yet, however, I'd rather them spend their time on a public release of the server rather than fixing this bug. At any rate, I guess it is a bit odd that they wouldn't be able to address this bug over a years time.
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