Best way to add 1000 computers?


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Best way to add 1000 computers?
We are looking into buying radmin for our helpdesk operations. We have a network of a bit less than 1000 end user PCs. We have been waiting for our current vendor to update their software for Vista compatibility and have been without for many months now and no end in sight.

Our primary concern is this. Our current software allows us to input a subnet of our network and it will poll for all computers currently on that subnet with their software installed.

With radmin, we would have to get all of the computers on our network in a phonebook first to get the same result.

I have searched this forum and found the only solution for adding this many computers to be use AutoIT and create a script etc. Does any one have a sample script?

Is there a better way? If we use the deploy tool kit will it automatically create a phonebook with the computers in it? If not... could it do that at some point?

Summary: What is the best method for adding 1000 computers?
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I will take the no replies to mean that you can only add computers manually and for large customers you really do not have any in house method for responding to their need for an automated way of populating the phone book. I can not justify learning AutoIT to do one task that other software has the ability to do.
if it is that simple it seems as though there already would be an example script either on this site or in the AutoIT forums.

I have tested the deployment tool and it does not populate the information in a usable form.

With the number of times this question has been asked in this forum you might want to consider pinning it. This is a huge detraction for customers with many computers. I can definitely see it as a big enough drawback to not purchase the software.
As soon as I get enough free time I'll make this script and provide it to community.
That certainly is nice of you. I think what I would like to see before we buy the software and what many of your current customers would like to see would be a way to take the scan report from the deployment tool export it and then import it to the phone book feature in the viewer. This seems like a reasonable request and something that should not be difficult to do.

In the mean time "when I get free time" is not something that I can work with as we need to be in the process of making a decision. We are meeting with our current vendor next week to see what progress they have been able to make and will need to make a decision soon after. I know that you can not make a software update in that time. So we'll just have to decide whether or not the software as-is, is actually a viable choice for our needs.
Script is done, we will place it at our site at next business day.
I look forward to seeing it.
Script looks good. Tried it with a few computers and it works. As a note for others, it adds directly into whatever folder level you are in. So you can divide up your lists as you would want them divided in the folders, create the folders, run the script for the file containing the appropriate computers for your active folder level etc.
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