Problem with Hardware Acceleration


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Problem with Hardware Acceleration
Hello, in the past we´ve used R-Admin 2.2 to support our CAD-Users (300 users) with their OpenGL CAD Software NX I-DEAS running Windows XP SP3.
Now we get new 27" TFTs, but R-Admin 2.2 cannot handle the resolution 2560x1440, only 1920x1080 so we need to update to R-Admin Server 3.41 which can user this resolution.
Now with the latest R-Admin version we can connect to the customer again, but we cannot see their OpenGL Display Window. We need to set the Hardware Accelleration in Windows from 5 (full) down to 1 to see the OpenGL Window again.
This is unaccepptable, because if the User have problems, they cannot switch their settings down, because the software needs to be restarted to take changes affect, and then the error would be away.

Why did the feature, which works in the older version, now not work?
Are there some Patches planned to get a OpenGL windowsWITH full accelleration? At the Moment we cannot use the new version here in our company.

Best regards

Please try to run CAD in windowed mode. At Vista and Win 7 / server 2008 it could work without reducing hardware acceleration (it depends).
No, that did not work, I can´t still see the OpenGL window. I can see the menu icons etc, but not the OpenGL window.
Then Radmin will not be able to show the picture without hardware acceleration reducing. We already have a wish for an optional turn off of the mirror driver, currently this is not possible
So have you removed that feature? Because with the older version it still worked ...
New version is way faster thank to mirror driver. But since engine is completely reworked, new version cannot work without mirror driver.
the option to switch between engines would be amazing, basically combining the old 2.2 and the new 3's into one package, so you can switch to which engine you need for the needed functions. :/

We do have this wish in our wishlist for future releases of Radmin.
I have increased this wish rating.

Thank you!
Vitaliy Lavrov
Famatech Support
we don´t want to kick R-Admin away. Are there chances for a fast patch which makes OpenGL working again?
Edited: Vitaliy Lavrov - 21.06.2010 12:46:41

As said above we do have it in our wishlist for the next major release of Radmin.
Currently this is not possible.
Vitaliy Lavrov
Famatech Support
Does Major Release mean R-Admin 3.5 or 4.0?
When will it be released?
Edited: Benjamin Wagner - 22.06.2010 00:35:34

Major release means 4.0
No ETA available yet.
Vitaliy Lavrov
Famatech Support

I'm also running 3D-CAD (SolidWorks) and would really like to have that option available.

Then you should add some classroom features for Radmin to make it know there isn't that many remote softwares that can handle OpenGL.

Same here.. would really like a patch that could correct this while we wait for the next big release
Windows 7 windowed mode shows most 3d applications via Radmin.
I join too to those who are waiting for OpenGl support.
If the remote computer runs XBMC (always full screen) there is not much you can do with Radmin - shows only a black screen. (I used PhoneMyPC to terminate the XBMC).
This is very annoying because my remote computer should have XBMC running all the time.
You can try Radmin 2.x, Radmin 3.x won't show full screen 3d applications.

We at Fluke would also like to add our vote to provide a patch to enable viewing of Open GL applications (like our ProEngineer) to work with 3.X, especially with XP, which we will need to support for quite a while.

Barry Schaeffer
Everett WA :!:
I don't think that it is possible. Maybe just use Radmin 2.x? :)
We are having the same problem since all the CAD tools use OpenGL.

So I'm trying to run v2.2 on Win7. Radmin gets installed and I was able to connect to it, but the radmin view shows nothing but black screen.

Anything I can tweak at the server level so I can use radmin v2.2 on Win7? Anything I can do to make it work?

Please add one more vote to support OpenGL on the next release.

Thanks a lot :)
Edited: Poe Chen - 22.07.2011 09:18:55
Do you run CAD in windowed mode?
Another vote for a quick update! Having this glitch almost completely defeats the purpose of Radmin for us.

It has been 7 months since any posts in this thread, is there any ETA yet?
Update... I don't know what everyone else is using, but since we switched to Windows 7 Radmin 3.4 is working fine w/ Creo 2.0 (Pro/E) and AutoCAD 2013.
Yes, Windows 7 + windowed mode should work with all 3d applications.
Will that depend on the resolution of your screen display for windowed mode?
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