Windows 7 remote assistance


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Windows 7 remote assistance
We are currently using radmin with XP, but on the move to 7. Is there any documentation that shows pro/cons of using win 7 remote desktop/assitance compared to radmin?

Thank You

I'd like to hear some feedback from users... but since nobody else posts here, I'll tell myself.
Radmin is faster. There also some other advantages which could be useful for you (as BIOS remote control at example or way better security), but IMO the main advantage of Radmin is the speed.
According to, the speed difference is only 8 vs 10. Is it that different?

What I found:
- Remote assistance needs someone on the other side to always press yes.
- Can't do a log off and log on as a different user, because the session will be disconnected.
- Security can't be granulary set like remote admin can be. It's either all or none.


Remote Assistance:
1. Remote assistance needs someone on the other side to always press yes.
2. No File Transfer
3. No ability to accept User Account Control requests remotely and no ability to run programs with Administrator rights.
4. You cannot connect if the machine is locked or no users is logged on
5. No Swtich User
6. No concurrent connections

Remote Desktop:
1. Remote desktop connection blocks user's current work. If the user would like to contunue their work, administrator's session will be interrupted.
2. Users can't see remote actions on their machine.
3. No ability to communicate with the remote machine
4. No concurrent connestions
Vitaliy Lavrov
Famatech Support
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