running ms-dos applications with radmin


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running ms-dos applications with radmin
i have a computer where norton commander and foxpro 2.6 installed. ms-dos applications. Because when i try to open the komputer in the network where norton commander running i cant see the screen. i see only black screen.

how i can use they remotely? who can help me? is there any way of solution?

Does it work for you in windowed mode?
Edited: Eugene Idzikovsky - 01.11.2010 06:26:24
Yes. it works. :). i know what you will say, but believe it is not what i like.
Full screen DOS applications won't be shown. Working as intended. Microsoft doesn't support full screen DOS applications anymore aswell (Vista and later).
In Vista and 7 you cannot full-screen a DOS window anyway as Eugene said, so this will become less of a problem over time as pre-Vista computers are retired. Meanwhile you can set the DOS window's fonts so that you get a near-full screen window. If your DOS window is full-screen, press Alt-Enter to make it part-screen. (Pressing Alt-Enter again will return it to full screen.) Right-click on the title bar for the DOS window, then left click on Properties. Click on the Font tab in the properties window that will come up, then try various font sizes until you get one that you are happy with based on your screen resolution settings. Click the Ok button and choose 'Save properties for windows with same title' then click the Ok button again. This makes it so this font size will always be used for this program when it is opened again in the future.
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