Radmin Server disabling Stop service


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Radmin Server disabling Stop service, Radmin Server disabling Stop service
Hi! is there a way on how to disable some services on radmin server. So that the user cannot change the settings. Like stopping the radmin server and changing the permissions. I want to disable them. My Radmin Version is 3.4
Edited: mark jaysonn alamares - 16.01.2012 14:17:06
You can create a registry key which will disable the option to change Radmin Server settings:

Forbids changing Radmin Server settings. The key type is binary with possible values of "01 00 00 00" (disallow) and "00 00 00 00" (allow). Of course, if the remote user has Administrator rights, he will be able to change the Radmin Server Settings despite of this registry key.
Isn't there any script or button or something executable to make this? I am not so skilled.
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If you do not feel confident enough to edit registry, it is better to ask your system administrator.
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