Cant send CTL-ALT-DEL to a Windows 2003 server using 3.4 Server and viewer


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I am using the latest version of Radmin Server 3.4 and the latest viewer 3.4. I have server installed on a 32 bit windows 7 workstation.

I have pressed the CTL-ALT-DEL key at the top of the menu but nothing happens on the remoted machine.
Other keystrokes works fine.
From other PC's this problem persists too, so i think problem is on 2003 Server and only with ctrl+alt+delete

i found

but also i found that this option is politics appears only in Vista.

Thank you.

P.S. i am trying to restart radmin service, i uninstalled radmin and installed it once more - no luck.

i don't want to reboot server.
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There should be an analogue politic in 2003 server. It looks like you've used VNC and it corrupted such politic.
may you help me to find it ? i did not find this with google
server reboot helps me,
btw server don't want to reboot :) i used pskill winlogon
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