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Our current setup is a central activation server with all the clients connecting over the LAN, however we've recently put in a new VLAN and the new RAdmin clients on it are unable to connect to the activation server.
In order to get the ports opened for communication could you tell me how to find out what ports the existing clients are using to communicate with the activation server what what port it will respond back on. It does look like the server is using default 4896 to communicate with the clients, but I'm having difficulty finding the port the client initiates the communication on.

We distribute the client install via an MSI file created by the Configurator Tool, I've used the Configurator to open up the MSI to see if the settings are listed by they are blank.

I've since found the reg key ActivationConnectPort with a value of 0000 20 13 00 00
but I'm not sure my conversion of it from HEX to ASCII is correct (it returns 3219)

Opening port is chosen by OS and usually it is random.
Now I understand. This clears a lot. Cheers!
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