Windows 8 compatibility?


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Windows 8 compatibility?
Is Radmin 3.4 fully compatible with Windows 8?
If not, when do you plan to issue an update? (Please, don't use the usual "No ETA".)

Thank you
Edited: rls - 26.10.2012 16:45:53
I am about to upgrade to Windows 8, but would like to know if this can be used on this OS version as well though I find it more compatible with Windows 7.
Edited: celavey - 28.10.2012 22:58:35

ETA 1-3 weeks
Thank you Eugene Idzikovsky for your reply.

Will this release also have some new features, other than compatibilty?

I am unsure yet. I suppose that it will include some minor fixes and maybe new features. Mainly it is a release for Windows 8
It would be a nice opportunity to release some of the minor improvements users have been asking for:

1. Transparent clipboard
2. Blank dsitant screen
3. WOL distant computer
4. ...

NAT traversal or even Call back would me a very desirable feature, but too much to hope for?

How is Mr. Z doing?

Edited: rls - 29.10.2012 08:56:56
These wishes aren't actually minor, that's why most of them are scheduled for next major release.
I beg to differ:

1. I believe you, E.I., can implement Transparent clipboard in a few minutes, by combining two confusing menu entries into one keyboard shortcut.
2. Every remote control app has been doing Blank... for ages. Surely a sophisticated program, such as Radmin, can do it.
3. WOL complicated? Come on!

Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
ETA 1-3 weeks

Any news about Windows 8 compatibilty?
The ETA is now past ...
I'd also be really grateful for an update on this. We have Windows 8 machines beginning to appear and I'm having to run Dameware trial software!
Any ETA for Win8 compatibility?

Is Mr Z. in a good and productive mood?
Soon, very soon!
De-facto Radmin 3.4 works on Win 8, but with some issues.

This doesn't work for Windows 8 Pro. Windows won't load the driver for radmin's graphics; here's what's listed under system drivers for the radmin graphics driver:
radmin mirror driver v3
8/8/2007 v3.1.0.0
Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

So, looks like what we really need is the driver to have a digital signature?
We will have a special version soon, however v3.4 WORKS on Win 8. Lot of our customers tested that. That is not official of course. :)
What about radmin version 3.5?
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