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Bandwidth limit, Is it possible to reduce Radmin's refresh rate
I saw it is possible to reduce the color depth to 2 bits.
Is it possible to reduce Radmin's refresh rate and screen resolution?
I need very low bandwidth consumption and I don't mind reducing the refresh rate to 2 or 1 refresh per second and to reduce the screen resolution.
Is it possible?

Since Radmin doesn't actually use "refresh rate" and instead only sends changing parts of the screen, that is not possible.
However, since RAdmin uses the screen resolution of the host, you can reduce the screen resolution ON the host, even if only temporarily. In other words, if the PC you are connecting to has a screen resolution of 1280x1024, you could change it to 1024x768, or even 800x600, depending on the required resolution of the applications you are viewing on the host. Fair warning - changing the resolution may cause your desktop icons to rearrange themselves.

I've added your wish to our wishlist. So far I can advise to manually reduce resolution.
There is a setting for maximum updates per second in the connections settings of the Radmin Viewer. I thought that might just be what kshepitzki asked?
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