RAdmin Server *Almost* Works on Win 10 build 9926


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RAdmin Server *Almost* Works on Win 10 build 9926
I tested RAdmin Server on Windows 10 TP build 9926, and found it installs okay, and accepts connections, but doesn't quite work right after a remote viewer connects.

Specifically, I typically share my screen via RAdmin with a collaborator, to be able to have him watch what I do - and it all seemed to work EXCEPT... I lost control of my mouse when he connected in via a View Only session.

Please make sure to test with Windows 10 and try to work out the issues.

One of the requirements of my work is to be able to collaborate, and RAdmin Server is the only tool that allows me to share my multi-monitor desktop reasonably.



Don't worry, Win10 will have a full Radmin support after the release.
I 'upgraded' a Windows 8.1 Pro that already had Radmin installed to Windows 10 and, so far, I haven't discovered any issues. As far as I can see, my Radmin Server is fine.
Windows 10 is now officially released. I have half a dozen systems prompting me to install the update... trying it on one of them now... hoping it works fine :P

Is there going to be an official update soon for it (v3.6 perhaps)?
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