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The fact that you register on this forum or post any message evidences your agreement to follow these forum rules.

  1. Common statements and recommendations

    1. Famatech forum is post moderated, i.e. your messages are added immediately and are edited later by our moderators.
    2. The official forum language is ENGLISH.
    3. Forum maintenance is provided by Famatech’s support group, who control (moderate) all forums, edit, delete and close postings.
    4. Forum’s aim is to exchange experiences among its members and to provide troubleshooting in cooperation with Famatech’s support.
    5. All postings express the opinions of its authors, over which Famatech has no desire to assume control or responsibility.
    6. If you’ve made a mistake and sent a posting into the wrong forum, for example, or doubled a posting, or sent an blank one—just leave it. Our readers understand and moderators will fix whatever it is.
    7. The previous point is not for cases where you’ve forgotten important information.
    8. Recommendations on new topics creation
      1. Declare the point of your problem in the subject of your posting and give its full description in the body of the message.
      2. If you would like to receive a detailed answer to your technical problem, you need to provide the following details about your system: operating system, service pack, screen resolution. You may also provide processor and RAM information in case you experience performance problems.You should also describe what was done, what happened and what needs to be solved ( i.e. what answer you expect).
      3. ALL suggestions about a forum should be sent using the Feedback Form
    9. Answers are supplied within two days generally, so if you don’t get an answer in five days, please make a new posting with any new info that you can think of that might help the experts better understand your problem.

  2. Prohibitions and restrictions

    1. It is prohibited to use URLs, offensive words and more than 70% capital letters as your nickname.
    2. It is prohibited to create topics:
      1. That have already been discussed. Use the search function to find existing answers on your questions. Not using the FAQ or search function is very much frowned upon by most forum members. Posting a question that was already answered shows laziness and a disrepect of those people who went to the trouble of posting their answers. Lazy, inconsiderate postings are simply deleted.
      2. With subjects that don’t belong with the forum’s subject.
      3. Posting the same message to more than one forum.
      4. With more than 70% capital letters in the subject field. On the Internet, this is called “shouting”.
      5. With anything added to attract attention, such as: “= = MY TOPIC = = “.
      6. With a subject that is too general, such as: “Help” , “Computer doesn’t work”, “I've got a question”, etc.
      7. With personal questions to other members. Use e-mail for personal discussions.
    3. It’s prohibited to post messages with:
      1. Appeals to break the law or promote conflicts of any kind, including racial, religious, political or cultural.
      2. Discussing unlicensed software (“warez”) or searching and posting links to it.
      3. Advertising of any kind, including messages with “visit my website”.
      4. Buying or selling of anything. Go to those specified sites for this.
      5. Impolite or obscene words and insults in any form.
      6. Unproved statements—“This is better”, “This is worse”.
      7. Discussion of topics that were closed/deleted by moderators.
      8. Useless or senseless information.
      9. Numerous appeals to other forum members with personal questions.
      10. Pictures or images of any kind. Use links to these images instead.
      11. Discussion of moderator activity. Instead e-mail:
    4. Occasionally reread the Rules.
    5. Ignorance of the Rules is no excuse.

  3. Punishment

    1. For non-observance of points 1 or 2, postings are deleted.
    2. For numerous and/or severe infringements of points 1 or 2, access to the Forum will be terminated.

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