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Topic: «Portable Viewer, New Feature Request» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
01/20/2006 06:10:19
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That would do as a workaround.

Ideally though no files should be created on the computer.

Any changes to your phone book would also need to be copied back to the pen drive. Maybe 2 scripts - import and export.

I guess all that would need to be done is add an optional command switch that tells the viewer which phone book to use (default could still be the one under "application data").

I assume I am right in thinking you cannot connect to the server using a VNC viewer (albeit with limited functionality - never tried it, but I do have tightVNC viewer which works well off a pen drive - not as nice an interface though)
01/18/2006 09:44:54
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It would be good if the RADMIN viewer (not the server) could be installed to a USB pen drive for use anywhere.

This would mean all viewer settings and server connection definitions would need to be stored in the program directory (and not elsewhere - like the registry for example).

Obviously connection passwords should never be saved.

I only ask as RADMIN 3 beta viewer is a seperate install and it would save having to install the viewer everywhere the server is installed and duplicate settings (so only required on the server if the server is the gateway to another network not accessible externally).

Hope this make some sense (idea came from using apps at and
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