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Getting Through a Filewall
I hate to say it and have avoided saying it in the past, but how can I continue to wait for 3.0 since it is already several years overdue?

Is there any chance that it will be released soon?
Getting Through a Filewall
Isn't that precisely the point? There are so many different firewalls and customers loose their passwords, so there has to be a solution that does not invlove changing their firewall.

Since posting the original message, I have found that several of the open source programs have an option for an "inverse connection" . This has the server initiate the connection to the viewer.

Having worked with Radmin for years, I would much prefer to use it in new installations. I like the interface and it works very well. But we need this feature. Do you have it or is there some way to simulate it?
Getting Through a Filewall
We have situations where clients want us to be able to access their systems, but they have no idea what their Firewall is or how to open ports.

Is there some program we could create that would run on their end and open a port to us so that we could then run Radmin through that port?

I tried running Radmin Server on the remote machine and also running a program that made a TCP connection out of the remote into my local machine. I had hoped that this would open the port and I could then start the Viewer at my end and get through, but it did not work.
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