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Advanced IP Scanner - Future Features
+1 on SNMP!
Wish List, Wish list for Advanced IP Scanner
Definitely time for an update for Advanced IP Scanner - I'm excited.

1. Mouse over view screen - I would love to have the option to mouse over an IP and have a simple screenshot pop up if radmin is installed. If it's a switch, have a Cisco or Extreme or Nortel Icon pop up. IP Scanner should be able to tell me that it's a Cisco router, switch, access point, IP Camera, Printer etc. The icon should change accordingly for quick view.

2. Can one of the columns be shared folders? The ability to quickly click on a share and have it open with a default program (ie. Explorer, or even better - Total Commander, or even Radmin File Transfer).

3. vbs remote execution, Auto-IT, Kix - some greater functionality for Scanner.

4. Active Directory - the ability to flip between Scanner layout and Active Directory Listing.

5. Remote Desktop - In case a Radmin install needs to be repaired.

6. Scan with WOL button up top. Send the WOL, and scan the network.

7. On right click - send user message.

8. Remote Control on Release - this is something that I would love to see as a feature on here and in Radmin - the ability to send a remote control request, and wait for the user to click "Yes" the automatically open Radmin connection.

So a user is in the middle of something, but you need to work on that machine. Send a message that pops up from the system tray telling them the Administrator would like to take remote control of this machine when you are finished working. A button to "Allow" them would be there. When they finish their work, they click allow and it automatically opens Radmin on the adminsitrators PC.

9. We need to be thinking about multiple monitors. Is there a way for IP Scanner to know there are multiple monitors and open radmin windows in the other monitor - or automatically arrange - just throwing this one out there.

10. Another column showing the state of the machine - or if the last action you performed was succesful. If I deployed Radmin, it should tell me the state. If I rebooted the machine, it should tell me when it is back up etc.

11. I like the Telnet - but can we also call Putty or something that uses SSH?

12. Can we reboot to safe mode with Radmin? There are many times this would come in handy, especially when working on viruses.

I'll probably have more later...
Edited: Timothy Bryant - 22.12.2010 10:05:18
License time
Clunky - that's an understatement. It's the biggest reason why I continue to have second thoughts about Radmin...

I own it at home, and we have purchased lots of licenses at work - it's a constant issue running into one that is no longer registered, so I have to Dameware into it to fix Radmin - that's just pitiful. At least give us a key that can be used 60 minutes at a time to fix a problem with the horrid registration process.

Simple request, Request for file transfer
My problem is with extremely large files, Radmin does not read them correctly. And what's the deal with no resume??? Radmins file transfer should work more like FTP.

And if I'm on wirelessly, and lose my connection, it should reconnect me as soon as it comes back up and continue the transfer.

Must have features for the future.
Just thinking about some features I would love to have.

What about a "docking bar", working on more than one machine, want to keep that window open, drag it over to the bar - it stops screen refreshes, or mouse and keyboard output until you drag it back off the bar.

The bar could simply show the IP address/NetBIOS name of the machine.

Scripting really needs to be added in - the ability to record a series of keystrokes or movements and replay it on multiple machines.

File transfer resume support in next version?
This is a must have for the next version. Something closer to SFTP. Right now the beta does not show large files correctly, and it certainly doesn't resume them.

Large files
The beta seems to have a problem with large files, it doesn't report them correctly. Also, can we get a resume function added - maybe even verification of the file?

Thank you,
Tim Bryant
New features
Are there any plans to implement something like ******* or *********?

The beta seems to have everything needed, the only things that might need to be added is the ability to look at multiple screens at one time, and maybe the ability to tranfer work back and forth - internet shut off and application lock down would be nice features, but aren't 100% necessary.

Tim Bryant
Hide icon solutions?
Ok, I think most would love to see the ability to hide the icon, but if the AV people are not going to go along, fine.

I would like to see deployment options with Radmin. I want to select the computers, give me login, and have it deploy a package of my design. This would be mandatory in any IT Department. Now, after I have deployed, only the install and settings should be password protected. Only the adminstrator should be able to stop the service or delete it. Also, would it not be an option in XP and Vista to set the icon to "Always Hide" within the OS? Give me the option of setting that with the deployment of Radmin and I would be happy.

1. Customized install builder.
2. Deployment from Radmin Viewer.
3. Password protected uninstall.
4. Service can only be stopped by Administrator account.
5. Password protected settings.
6. Option to set Radmin to "Always Hide" in system tray through the install builder.

What do you think? I'm sure someone will come up with a hack at some point to completely hide the Rserver - but I don't need that here. Just password protect it, give me the ability to deploy easily, and the option to automatically set it to "Always Hide" and I'd be happy.

Advanced IP Scanner, Scan for computer - XP Description
Can we add to advanced IP scanner the ability to pull the XP Description out? This would come in really handy.

[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Ok, so we are now looking at Monday - so that has to be the drop dead date - no beta by Monday makes it look like Famatech will not stick to their word.

If a man tells me 7-10 days, I should be able to take him at his word.

[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
So we should see the beta this Friday, Monday at the latest? Is this your word, and you are sticking by it?

Tim Bryant
Will Radmin support scripting?
Will the new version of Radmin support any type of scripting, or some way to record actions and replay them on multiple servers?

Thank you,
Tim Bryant
Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.
So we should be seeing the new version by this coming Thursday. Can't wait to download it and see it in action.

Tim Bryant
Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.
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