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How to connect to a LAN network
Haiii BW,
I had port scanned my public ip using third party tool advanced port scanner from o-6000 and its showing that only 3 ports 23,53,80 are open and remaining all are closed but i think this is not correct I am able to use my yahoo messenger, wise-ftp and etc..,,, which port numbers are different and its showing they are not opened but even then I am able to connect. I dont know whether this tool is giving me correct information or not. U can suggest me if there is any tool to port scan and also please tell me how to open any ports in local computer I had not blocked any port in my local computer and for ISP I think I have to take their permission. I will be thankful to u if u can help me more.
Password pass-through feature request, with connect through host
Haii ken, can u or anyone can explain how is ur set up is I think as u had made radmin on a "gateway" computer,U had 2 nic chords for gateway system isnt it. And after entering to this how u are able to connect to all other servers. Pls help me......
Connecting to NATing, Is there a way to connect to a pc in a NATing
I too have same problem can anyone tell how to port forward 4899 from 84.36.x.x to I had tried it through ADSL modem which I had, In virtual servers I had given local ip and portnumber and even for modem I had assigned ip and all. But when I connect to 84.36.x.x its giving same error "cant connect to server" which before forwarding also we use to get. I had even restarted my modem. Can anyone help please.........
How to connect to a LAN network
I had configured my router to port forward 4895 to and portnumber 4896 to and so router ip is my isp ip is 68.x.x.x Now what i had thought is if I give with port number 4895 it will directly go to system of and if I give with portnumber 4896 it will go to But its not happening when i give the ip with any portnumber its giving error "can't connect to server" even if I give the ip of isp 68.x.x.x its giving same. I dont know the port forwarding is taking place or not. And also please help me in how to connect to these lan systems. The thing is if I give isp ip 68.x.x.x with portnumber 4895 it has to connect to and if I give isp ip with portnumber 4896 it has to connect to like this setup I needed for this pls help me where to place my router and how to do this.
With Best regards,
How to connect to a LAN network
No i dont want to go for ISA server as it is more complicated and even our hardware doesnt support.
And now i want to know how to configure router between internet and local network, please post in detail which will help me a lot.
I am having a router of
Belkin F5D7230-4 Router
Model: F5D7230-4 - Data Transfer Rate: 54 MBps - 2.4 GHz - Wireless Connection.

I think the connection from internet should be connected to one port of router and second port of router to one system say windows 2003 server, and one more port of router to switch, and all other systems are connected to the switch.
And now i have to configure router through my system connected to router (windows 2003 server system), is this is correct. But i think it wont work since the connection from internet is connected to router and server, switch both are connected to router so i dont understand where the packets will go either to system or to switch so i think this dont work, i have to do more for that.
And one more question i want to ask is if the connection from internet is connected to switch or hub or router and one system is connected to that component, and if i give the ip of the internet will it connect to that system since there are no other systems connected.

Please help me out.
How to connect to a LAN network
But if i connect internet directly to my windows 2003 server and then to switch, i have to share my internet connection through proxy but i think it will slow down the internet speed. Hence i was trying to configure directly through switch. Is there any other method to configure it.
Either with router or any thing.
Thank you.
How to connect to a LAN network
No, my modem doesnt allow any data packet routing.
You had said that there is another way of doing it, I request you to please post the procedure of doing it. I hope this will solve my problem.

I will be thankful if u can help me.
How to connect to a LAN network
No, how will it connect directly to windows 2003 server even i had tried, but it dont. Since all systems clients and windows 2003 server are directly connected to different ports of switch. How does it connect only to windows 2003 server, it can connect to any system know.
For this i am asking what to do, how should i directly connect to server. If i got this my problem will be solved.
How to connect to a LAN network
Yes if i give that external ip address to where it will connect since this ip is not directly connected to any system. Its connected to switch through modem. How will it connect.
How to connect to a LAN network
I was really thankful to you,
First of all i was not able to connect to that windows 2003 server only. Since the ip of the server is and the static ip is (all ips are examples) how should i connect to it. After that i can forward incomming connections to corresponding systems.
How to connect to a LAN network
On windows 2003 server we had installed viewer and on all remaining windows xp pcs we had installed radmin server.
How to connect to a LAN network
Can u help me out how to connect to 5 systems in network using switch in my office from my home. can i connect through internet.
How to configure,
Please help me.
How to connect to a LAN network
Thanks for ur early reply, but we dont have router we are using windows 2003 server. can u tell me how configure port forwarding rules in detail.
How to connect to a LAN network
Ours is D-Link Model DES-1024D.
How to connect to a LAN network
Once again thanks for your reply,
I got it by restarting the radmin. One more problem i have is how to forward the conncetions on ports to computers. We are using switch.
And i think u know our office setup, the connection from service provider is connected directly to switch and all systems in lan are directly connected to switch.

Can we assign different port numbers for different ports of switch.

I will be thankful if u can help me.
How to connect to a LAN network
Thanks for your reply,
But i was able to connect even the port numbers are different for example for server i have given port 4890 and for client i have give default 4899 even then its connecting.
And if i give port 4890 to client then its not connecting and giving error "can,t connect to server" .

I will be thankful if u can help me.
How to connect to a LAN network
We are having LAN network in our office. The cable from internet is connected to switch, and all the systems are connected to that switch. Now i would like to know how to connect to this network from some other network. How can i monitor all the systems of this LAN from other place.
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