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NAT settings for two servers under local network
Setting your external port to "TCP any port" really means you're mapping EVERY port to that internal port. Can't really do that twice, hence the conflict. You need to map each internal port to a single external port. For example:

TCP 4899 -> 4899 local_ip_1
TCP 4898 -> 4898 local_ip_2

Also, your internal ports don't have to be unique as long as they're pointing to different hosts. So your second line could be "TCP 4898 -> 4899 local_ip_2" with no conflict.

Hope this helps!
Licences, Home computers
TekServer, like "stinklyonion", is a "who", not a "what".

Solutions for Mac, Mac
I know you probably can't officially confirm this, Eugene, but I get the impression you are just as frustrated with the lack of progress as the rest of us are.


(And don't give me that surprised look! I still monitor the forums, I just don't participate much these days ... )

Questions of impropriety, Post questions and answers here about the status of the Beta release
90 --- > 3 Months

What I meant was that this looks like a beta that represents about 6 months of development, rather than 5 years of development.

Yes, I know 90 days = 3 months! :D
Questions of impropriety, Post questions and answers here about the status of the Beta release
I've create this topic so that I could ask questions about the beta release that aren't of a tech support nature.

This beta release reinforces my previously stated opinion that things at Famatech seem rushed in the last week or two. I'm sure everyone who's tried the beta will back me up that this is far less developed than it should be.

So I pose the question again to Famatech, and especially to the Dmitry's: what's been going on for the last 5 years!? This beta you've released is nice, and shows great promise. But there's no way this represents 5 years of development. I think we, your loyal paying customers, deserve to know the story. After all, we've stuck with you all this time; any other company with the delays and missed timelines and faulty information (lies?) and even red herrings (RAdmin CS!?) would have long since gone out of business for losing 98% of their customer base.

So how about a little return on our loyalty investment? Like an answer to why, after 5 years, we're seeing a 6-month beta?
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
This is Famatech we're talking about, Kaleb. I'll be impressed, or at least satisfied, if the final release comes out before the 90 day trial version beta expires.

I'll be displeased (and I'm sure I won't be alone) if they don't even work out the license upgrades before then.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
The new 3.0 viewer will not open my old phonebook. Also, it offered to replace it with an empty phonebook (fortunately, I have several backup copies of my rather extensive phonebook!).

Let me make sure I have one other thing clear: currently, the new 3.0 viewer will not support any server version except 3.0 server. The previous 3.0 viewer beta will support older server versions (2.2, 2.1) but not the new 3.0 server. Is this correct? If so, I can live with that, but I should recommend to fellow posters to keep the old 3.0 viewer executable handy, and backup your phonebooks!
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
WOOHOO! Props to the Dmitry's, and to M. Uphoff. Maybe you were right after all!

:D :D :D
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Hey, don't give him too much credit yet. Not until we actually see a working download link.

[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
When we talk in two days, will we find out what happened on the RAdmin 3.0 project in the 4-5 years before you started releasing information? I know I already asked about this. But I'm really curious about why this all feels like last minute rushing around, when so much time has already passed.

Back me up here people. The screen shots look great. I'm sure the demo at CeBIT was awesome. But there is no program on the planet, MS O/Ses included, that takes 4 years to code a beta version. Something else was obviously happening at your company that was delaying progress. And, even if it's something embarrassing for you personally or professionally, I believe that your AMAZINGLY loyal customers are entitled to know what it was. Just my humble opinion as a loyal customer and purchaser of multiple helpdesk licenses, of course.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Those look very cool, as expected. Was that a toolbar I saw in the full control screenshot? I like.

Any chance we could have another projected release date? (Insert all the appropriate flaming comments about previous missed release dates here.)

(Woohoo! I made it in first to respond!)
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
I just have to say something to Dmitri here. I appreciate that you had a holiday, and it was difficult to get people together to get some work done. But didn't you know it was a holiday before you promised the release/screenshots? Why didn't you take that into account before making unreasonable promises?

Also: while we appreciate the new level of communication, there is a lot we'd still like to know. We understand how ISP problems, installer problems, and all the other problems that plague beta releases can cause delays, and you've been fairly good in the last week about explaining things.
What we really want to know is this: why weren't these issues dealt with years ago? What's been going on for the last 4-5 years? Since you've finally opened a crack in your wall of silence, why not finally open the door wide? How about write up a summary of the development progress on RAdmin Server 3.0 since its beginning. No trade secrets or copywrite infringements or anything like that, just a general idea of what's been going on for 5 years. If you could do that, we might not get much friendlier, but we'd at least understand the circumstances and (depending on what you reveal) MIGHT be a little more lenient. This could save you some customers.
Of course, this all depends on maintaining the new level of communication as well.

I hope you take this to heart, it is meant with all sincerity. Happy Victory Day!
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
You can also subscribe to the topic, so that every post gets e-mailed to you. Before any deleting occurs. They can delete what they want on the forum, but they can't touch your e-mail once it's been sent; and the way the forum is set up, e-mail occurs immediately, whereas moderation (deleting) occurs much later.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Can you tell us more about these "3rd party tools"? I am uanare of their existence or whereabouts.

Well, RClient is a viewer-side client that was put out by VolmSoft for RAdmin 2.1. It's shareware, and hasn't been updated for 2.2 (and certainly not 3.0), but I suppose it would still work as a viewer. I primarily use its scan network feature, which will give you a list of all "pingable" nodes on a subnet, as well as which ones have RAdmin server running. With this you can somewhat ease the process of building your RAdmin phonebook. It's available from; just search for "radmin" and look for "Client for Remote Administrator 2.1".

As for RHelper, it's basically a little script with a VB front-end GUI that is great for pushing RAdmin to clients across a network. It only works if you already have admin access to the clients, so it's NOT suited for using RAdmin for hacking/illicit purposes. It's best suited for pushing to client machines on a domain.
Here's the cool part: it was created by one of us, "Steven", who posted info about it to Famatech's forums back in 2004.
Here's the link where you can download it; I tested it and it still works:

(If Famatech deletes this post, I'll replace it with a shorter, more innocuous version, or just e-mail rls the details.)

One last note: here's the link to the original forum where RHelper was discussed:

I'm sure there are other cool tools out there, probably even better ones, but these are the ones I'm familiar with. If people are interested in discussing this further, maybe we can create a new topic area called "3rd Party Tools" or something.

[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Well, technically it's still Monday in over half the world. I guess no bets can be paid out till Monday ends at the international date line.

Famatech: as has been said many times, it's a BETA! Give it to us now as-is. If the installer doesn't work well, or is difficult to use, one of the thousands (or more?) who will be downloading 3.0 (or attempting to, at least; hope your server's ready!) will be sure to write a script which will streamline the installation.
I'm sure you've seen the third party tools that are available now for your 2.1 & 2.2 versions: RClient, which has a nice network scan feature; RHelper, a nice little push install script, just to name a couple that I use. We the devoted beta testers are your best resource. Put us to use!

Oh, and very nice to see the communications improve, Dmitri. This is the most detailed info we've ever received about 3.0 server development progress; I'm sure you can tell it's well received, and long overdue! Thanks!
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
They say "it will be released in 2-3 months". 3 months pass and they say, "it will be released in 2 months." When people ask questions like "what about multiple monitor support" or "remote screen blanking" Famatech posts that the feature is in the next version. After a while they stop saying "2-3 months" and start saying "it is on a floating timeframe." They also repeatedly take the high ground and say the first concern is quality and they will not release until it is thoroughly tested (implying that it is basically finished and just in a quality assurance phase).

Occassionally you get other tidbits, like a Beta Viewer (and assurance that the beta server is right behind). Or someone from Famatech posts that they are all very busy with testing and it will be ready "soon".

And then 2 MORE YEARS PASS and they are still making promises and still missing deadlines.

I'd say that sums it up very well. :(

As has been said before, it is a testament to the strength of RAdmin 2.2 that there are so many of us still using it, and still reading and/or posting to this forum, salivating over an upgrade that's 5 years overdue. That strength has to be fading, though.

:idea: On an unrelated thought, do you suppose the Famatech folks give out more information on the Russian language forums? Any bilingual readers who can check that out are asked to do so, and let us know.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date

In this version we use our new video hook driver. In order to install it you have to add it into the list of hardware devices (I mean our new video hook driver). So it slightly complicates the installation procedure. You'll see it really soon.

That has to be the most informative update we've ever seen from Famatech. It still seems odd that, after 5 years of postponed release dates, the complexity of installation of the video hook driver is only now being addressed.

At least we've been upgraded to "really soon"!
Two factor authentication with Radmin and call back feature, Request for information

I know you've probably gone on to look for other solutions by now. But there is a sort of "workaround" way you could do what you asked about: VPN.

If you create a VPN with the appropriate security settings, you could set up a two-factor authentication for RAdmin: one factor being the authentication of the VPN connection, the second factor being RAdmin's native authentication (or NT authentication). This might be a bit cumbersome, but it would provide the security you're looking for, and could be streamlined with a bit of tinkering and scripting.
help server, server tunneling
In case you're not as network savvy as some of these folks, I'll simplify their explanations:

Basically, to RAdmin to your work computer from your home computer, some sort of hole thru your company's router/firewall needs to exist. Whether that hole is a port forwarded to your machine (or another machine, so you could connect to yours using connect through host), or a VPN, or something more esoteric like the SSH suggestion mentioned, depends on your company network, its existing set up, and how much control you have to make changes in the config.

Oh, wow, I just looked at the dates on these posts. I suppose you've either fixed this or given up by now. Well, if not, post again and we the people will continue to try to help. :D
Radmin 3 beta viewer, Font-size
I don't want to change the overall font sizes in Windows, but only the fontsize in Radmin 3 viewer.

Are you referring to the text (Telnet) connection mode? If so, you can control the font for that in the connection properties. (Right-click connection > Properties > Text screen > Select custom font)

I haven't actually tried that, but that's where the control is.
New 3.0 Client .... not working with 2.x
You might check the application rules in your ZA firewall. It may be set to recognize & pass the 2.2 viewer app, but not the 3.0. I'm not sure if the app rules affect apps on the outside, or just those on the inside, but it's worth checking.

Also, make sure that you don't have some other security program (Symantec, Windows Defender, etc.) bonking your 2.2 server.
Monitoring Remote Desktop sessions., Can radmin be used for monitoring remote desktop sessions?
I had to throw my two cents worth in for this one.

I agree that RAdmin is far better than RDP for connecting to a workstation. However, RDP is far more efficient and effective when you have multiple users connecting to a Terminal Server (as I suspect may be Mr. Sanchez's case).

Roman is right, though, in that RAdmin will not connect to an RDP session, only to the console session. Your Terminal Server configuration does have settings for monitoring and/or taking over one RDP session from another.

RDP and RAdmin can peacefully coexist. I frequently use them together for a variety of tasks: connecting to an RDP session, then using RAdmin to connect to workstations from the server or to the server console for those tasks that can't be done from an RDP session. My favorite is setting up RDP environment settings for certain users so that when they log in, they immediately get an RAdmin session to their workstation, allowing them to work from home without getting any real access to the Terminal Server.
I don't know that the possibilities are endless, but there certainly are a lot of them. And they're worth exploring for those of us that do a lot of remote access support.

Remember, if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right!
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
Has anyone else noticed that they've made a few changes to their download page? I'd like to think that this is preparatory to adding a new download link there. Maybe it will finally actually happen this time.

(That feeble spark you see is the glimmer of hope.)
Feature Idea
Another suggestion to fix your original issue (without having to wait for Server 3.0) is to use either NetBIOS or DNS names, depending on your network setup, rather than IP addresses. That way the same mechanism that updates the name mapping will also keep RAdmin connecting.
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