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[ Closed] Radmin 3.5 NTI Install Problem, Installs comes up in Non-English

Please close down topic...

Turn out it was all "PICNIC" - Meaning, it was my own fault (I had downloaded the Arabic version of the MSI)

[ Closed] Radmin 3.5 NTI Install Problem, Installs comes up in Non-English

We reployed Radmin 3.4 via GPO with no issue. Now we're working on rolling out Radmin 3.5 (NTI) thrgouh GPO.

That said, if I manually remove Radmin 3.4 and then manually try and install the 3.5 NTI MSI file, the installation comes up in a non-English (writing going from Right to Left).

What can I do to change this?
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
With regards installing of the new BETA version, change your port for Radmin 2x, reconnect to it and then install the new beta. You should be able to do it with no problems. :D
Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
Oh, and I'm not quite a Newbie, I've just not logged in for so long (a few years now!) that I have changed company and my email address (login) details have changed

Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues
Few things for you to think about:-Few things for you to think about:-
(Sorry but some of these have already been said)

I have a little test bed, comp A is a P4 3gig (2gig RAM) and comp B is a Dell M60 with 1.5 Gig of Ram with Pentium 1.7 CPU

A has V2.2 server with 3.0a Viewer.
B has V2.2 Server with 3.0a Viewer.

Installed Server V3b on B (Set to port 4900)
Installed Viewer V3b on B (Manged to keep 3a working but specifying a new Phone Book)

You can run BOTH servers (2.2 and 3b) at the same time, just select different ports! But for these tests I am connecting to V3b server only!!!

1) From A to B:- CAN use File Transfer and also Telnet. I take it these parts of the server have been left alone, hence the reason why they work.

2) Connection from A to B is slow, looking at CPU usage it goes through the roof (100%) for around 3 seconds before allowing connection. This happens whether you are using screen, file transfer, telnet, etc (All of them!)

3) Telnet seems to have the same floors as previous versions. If B (Server) is on a network and you Telnet to it, you are not looking/using the users environment. If you try and view a network drive (e.g. DIR H:) you get an error.

4) File Transfer, you still cannot drag items from your desktop onto the file transfer window.

5) In CHAT, you cannot get the remote users info, all you get it LOCALHOST.

6) In CHAT, if one member of the chat closes the screen, the other person is NOT told about this. Even if you send more messages through.

7) Wasn't there supposed to be a facility for a Server to be able to 'hand-out' a connection to another computer?

8) Remote Keyboard lock and Remote Blank Screen do not work

9) Voice Chat - I do use Skype a lot, so I know my setups are good. And yes I did close Skype before running this! Connected from A to B and found I could NOT change the MIC volume of A (viewer). The Server side (B) worked fine.

10) Voice Chat - The old User Info button doesn't work still, the server side give no info at all. BTW This is also the case if you ask for your own info form the server. The Viewer side is fine though.

11) Voice Chat - When the voice chat is closed from one side, it does close the other side. It doesn't tell the other person why though, which is a bit harsh. Mind you, at least you know the connection was dropped, not like the Text Chat.

12) Voice Chat - If you change the quality of the call from High to Low DURING a call AND THEN put it back again, you are left with a VERY LONG delay which was not there before.

13) Connecting through to a remote host. It seemed to fail completely. I tried this and all I got was Unknown Error. I tried it a few different ways but still had no joy.

I just thought I'd put this through to you all. I've been a user of Radmin since Version 1!!! It is a good program and at least we have the new Video Hook drivers which has made a big difference!

BUT, is it me, and I don't want to sound down-beat, but is this really a BETA? Seems to have a lot of little bugs for a BETA. And before you I get jumped on from a great height, I don't know that BETA versions have bugs in them (I do a lot of programming and BETA testing)

That aside, thank-you Famatech, my faith is slowly being restored. But please, don't stop now!
(Sorry but some of these have already been said)

I have a little test bed, comp
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