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Licences, Home computers
(And sometimes he forgets and posts under old, obsolete credentials.)

Connect to a computer on a domain
There must be some form of TCP/IP network connection between client and server for RAdmin to work. If the two are not on the same LAN, then this connection must be made via the internet (barring some direct WAN connection, such as a dedicated T1, which I doubt you have between your home and work). So, if your work computer is not connected to the internet, then no, it won't be possible to connect to it via RAdmin from your home.

Radmin only accesses user Administrator (XP SP3) with both security windows NT as Radmin Security
RAdmin doesn't work like RDP (Terminal Services). Regardless of what security method you use, RAdmin will always connect you to the console of the machine to which you are connecting. If "administrator" is logged on at the console, then it doesn't matter how you establish the RAdmin connection; you will be connecting to administrator's console session.

Solutions for Mac, Mac
Oops! Wrong account. Didn't know that one still existed!

Radmin logging me out
Interesting; I didn't even know RAdmin had a timeout setting. I've accidentally left a connection open over the weekend and found it still connected come Monday.

As for Drew (and Wally), I'd suggest checking Power Management settings on the "server" side: if your target computer is going to sleep, or the NIC is being turned off to save power, that would terminate your RAdmin session.

Just a thought!
Edited: TekServer - 08.12.2011 08:56:40
How to get access to a mapped drive while using file transfer
When establishing a file transfer connection, mapped network drives are only visible on the local side, not on the remote side. (I'm fairly certain this behavior was the same in version 2.x as well.)

As a workaround, you could make a full access connection to the remote client, then use that to make a file transfer connection from the remote client back to your machine. That way, from the perspective of the file transfer connection, the remote machine is actually "local" and mapped drives will show up there. It's clunky, but it will work.

I suspect that "show mapped drives on remote clients in file transfer mode" is probably on the wishlist for version 4.

User Schedules
As a workaround, if the computer you're connecting to is on a domain, you can set RAdmin to use Windows Security, then set login time restrictions in Active Directory.

NT Workstation Support, Does Radmin 2.x or 3.x support server on NT workstation?
According to the following page, RAdmin server v2.x will indeed work on Windows NT 4.0, but v3.x will not:

Hope this helps!

{edit}Well, I can't figure out how to make the above a hyperlink, but you can copy/paste it I suppose ...
Edited: TekServer - 06.07.2010 14:54:10
full screen mode shutdown by voice chat
I've noticed this "feature" before when opening a File Transfer window in a similar manner to what Susan described. I suspect that this is the intended behavior because when RAdmin (either View Mode or Full Control Mode) is set to Full Screen, it won't let any other window jump in front of it to get focus, so the Full Screen View has to be reduced to Normal View in order to give the new window (File Transfer, Voice Chat, or whatever) the focus.

Autohide tool bar?
Just be sure to put it on the wishlist as an OPTION, rather than as default or unchangeable behavior. (Some of us find the autohide feature annoying ... )

Radmin set to use NT security when Domain is not available
Terminology can be tricky, especially the word "server" in a question like this one where it can have multiple meanings.

I am assuming that the RAdmin Server software is installed on a Workstation that can no longer communicate with its Domain Controller. If this workstation still has cached credentials (i.e. you can log in at the console with domain user name and password), then you may still be able to use the same credentials to log in with RAdmin. If not, there's no real way around this that I know of; you will need physical access to the Workstation (the RAdmin Server) in order to change the security settings in RAdmin.

unauthorized access, how safe are we from prying eyes
Name Lastname wrote:
How do I prevent someone from getting unauthorized administrative remote access to my machine though? Is there any safeguards I could implement?

There's no easy answer for that; it's a very broad topic. In general, though, here are a few pointers:

- Firewall: get a decent firewall; hardware appliance for a business network, software is okay for a single home computer or a laptop. There are lots of good ones out there; Comodo is probably a good place to start for a free software firewall (I'm sure others will probably chime in at this point with suggestions or opinions of their own; your best bet is to do your own research and check review sites so you can make an informed decision.)

- Patches: Make sure you stay current on patches and service packs, especially for any software that touches the internet (Windows, IE or another browser, IM clients, etc.)

- Virus/Malware protection: make sure you have a decent antivirus product, plus some anti-malware protection. There are too many AV vendors out there with decent products for me to make any one recommendation; again, check the review sites and make your own decision. As far as anti-malware, Spybot Search & Destroy works pretty well, as does MalwareBytes AntiMalware.
Be careful, though; there are many MANY fake antivirus and antimalware products out there! Before you install something, Google it.

- Common sense: limit activities that you know will put you at greater risk. This can include (but is not limited to) visiting "free" porn sites and using pirated software. Web sites that provide these kinds of services are compromised by malware more often than more legitimate sites (though nearly any site could be compromised; hence the need for protective software). Also, peer-to-peer file sharing software is a notorious source of viruses and malware.

That should at least get you started, and make you a less inviting target than the average net surfer.

unauthorized access, how safe are we from prying eyes
If someone can gain administrative remote access to your machine, they could push an install of RAdmin to your machine. (There are scripts to do this for the older 2.2 version, and there's probably a similar mechanism for the newer versions as well.) Once RAdmin (Server) is installed then anyone with the password can access your machine.

Of course, if someone has administrative remote access to your machine, then an unauthorized RAdmin install is the least of your problems (they could install or delete pretty much anything at that point ... ).

File Transfer Status (%)
Seconded. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to mention this before, but this is a feature I've missed in RAdmin from the beginning ...

Edited: TekServer - 01.03.2010 10:17:18
Auto Connect, Auto re-connect to PC's on VPN
You might want to consider making a Terminal Services (i.e. Remote Desktop Connection) to a PC or Server, and then establish RAdmin connections from that one machine to the other PC's. You'll save a bit on bandwidth requirements over the WAN link, and TS/RDC is pretty good about maintaining/reestablishing troublesome links.

OSx Version testing?
To the best of my knowledge there is NOT a Windows Mobile version of RAdmin Viewer. I would certainly be using it if there was!

Of course, if there IS a Windows Mobile version out there that I'm unaware of, somebody please clue me in! If not, here's my vote for that version being developed, too ...

Windows Server CALs, Do we need a Windows Server CAL?
No, you don't need to purchase any additional MS CAL's.

From a Microsoft Licensing standpoint, logging into the server console using RAdmin is exactly the same as if you were sitting in front of the server physically and logging on - i.e. covered by your existing licenses.

Any Way to Disable Wallpaper?, When connecting

When I first glanced at my e-mail notification about that last comment, I thought it had been posted by Eugene Idzikovsky, and it struck me as funny that he (the current "Face of Famatech" in the forums) would be agreeing with the usefulness of a feature request. ;)

That said, I totally agree with this feature request myself. By far the largest anchor you can throw on the performance of RAdmin is a huge wallpaper. Being able to automatically disable that upon connection (and re-enable it upon disconnection) would be a most welcome improvement!

License time
The theory is that you can contact Famatech tech support and get that license reissued to you. In practice, this procedure has turned out to be clunky (at best), and I too hope that Famatech will be revising the licensing procedure in the next major revision.

Blanking server's screen
I'm not with Famatech support, but I can tell you that this feature has not yet been implemented as of v3.4. I believe it is supposed to be included in the feature set for v4.0, but don't quote me on that until Eugene (or another Famatech employee) confirms it.

License time
For those that owned v2.x licenses, there was a discount or free upgrade (depending on when the original v2.x license was purchased) to the v3.x license.

So it seems likely that a similar arrangement will be available when the v4.x upgrade rolls around: current owners of v3.x licenses will probably be eligible for a discount or free upgrade.

In the mean time, minor versions (as you've seen) use the same license key ...

#1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button, #1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button
Good point, Eugene.

I can see John's point too, though: an additional feature to maximize a viewer window (like when looking at a multimonitor server) across a multimonitor desktop would be useful.

Iphone Client

(Eugene, check me on this ... )

First of all, it's not a matter of stupidity at all! Network communication protocols make for a fairly complex topic.

As I understand it, RAdmin uses a proprietary communication protocol (and possibly proprietary encryption as well) . So for ANY client to be able to communicate with a RAdmin server, that client has to "speak the same language". (Just pointing a SSH client at port 4899 instead of 22 won't work.)

So until Famatech (or some really brave an enterprising third party programmer) writes a client that will run on a mobile platform (iPhone, Windows Mobile, whatever), we're out of luck.

Radmin registration/management server

Create "Workplaces", Allows collaboration between computers
Frankly, Branden, I probably speak for a lot of the "old timers" when I say that we are leery of supporting a side project. A few years back, Famatech released their Communications Server. At the time, many of us felt that it was not worth the effort that was taken away from the main product and delayed the already slow development progress on the issues we felt still needed to be addressed.

I like your idea of a collaborative product, but personally I would rather see Famatech's time and effort go toward improving RAdmin and addressing long-standing complaints and/or feature requests (screen blanking, remote printing, server initiated and/or web-server based connections, and fixing the licensing disaster, just to name a few).

do not transfer data when viewer minimized option
In case you weren't aware of past history, marius, Famatech's update speed could probably be best described as "glacial". As I recall, there was about a six year gap between the first rumors of version 3.0 and the actual release.

A new feature like this one COULD be included in a minor release, so we might see it in the next year or so when 3.4 is released. More likely, though, it will be part of the feature set of the next major release; and it could be years yet before we see 4.0.

(Now if Famatech announces the release of 4.0 tomorrow, I will be extremely pleased. Totally surprised, but pleased.)

Radmin registration/management server
That's actually a pretty good idea. I haven't heard anything about plans towards this end, but then Famatech has never been particularly open about long-range plans ...

do not transfer data when viewer minimized option
do not transfer data when viewer minimized option
A stop updating button!? How cool is that? 8)

Personally, I'd rather have the button than the minimize event, and here's why:

I often use RAdmin to connect to a variety of machines; in a few instances the machine I'm connecting to is being used for network monitoring, using tools like PRTG and Wireshark. When capturing packets with Wireshark while you're connected with RAdmin, the first thing you have to do with your results is filter out all the RAdmin traffic. I would love to be able to start the capture, then turn off the RAdmin updates for a minute or two, then end the trace and not have 50,000 RAdmin packets in the way of what I'm looking for. (Being able to restart the updates by clicking anywhere in the RAdmin viewer window would be cool, too, but I can see advantages AND disadvantages to that ... )

Another possibility that occurs to me is being able to connect to a machine that an on-site tech is working on, take control for a minute to show him/her something, then to click a button to switch to View Only mode (without opening a new window) so they can work and you can monitor them without accidentally jerking their mouse across the screen. Then click the button again if you need to switch back to Full Control to show them something else ... So what do you say, Eugene? How about a "Toggle Full Control / View Only Mode" button?

Access without port forwarding
Oooh, this sounds promising! 8)

Any hints when we might see a beta we can play with? I know you won't commit to any dates, but rough estimate, like this year? Next year? Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery? ;)

And, of course, the $64,000 question: are there any plans you can reveal for changes in the licensing model, especially regarding license portability?

(Sorry, Eugene, couldn't resist that last jab ... meant in a friendly way ... ;) )
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