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OSx Version testing?
Under OS x Leopard I am using Codeweavers version of Wine to try this, and it does not work.
It does word under Linux, however and OS x version still eludes the marketplace.
OSx Version testing?
Any chance that an OSX compatible Viewer may become available?
OSx Version testing?
Is there any chance that an OSx version may be developed?

I am willing to be a volunteer for testing and implementation.

Kind Regards,
Solutions for Mac, Mac
I have tried to run Radmin 3.1 Viewer under MAC OS 10.5 Leopard with NO success.
I had to use the version of WINE for OSx made by Codeweavers, and unfortunately there is some security subsystem written into updated versions of Kernel32.dll and secur32.dll that are not compatible.

EAGERLY awaiting the day that an OSx version will become a possibility! WILLING to do BETA testing! :D
Solutions for Mac, Mac
I would like to add my vote for a MAC version of the Viewer at least for now.
I have many clients with MAC's that would befit from this.

I have had some success running Radmin under WINE for linux and I will try to see if I can run the viewer under WINE for the MAC.
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