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File Transfer btween Clients

I suggest this goes if ever Chris Nicola's wish the management MMC, if it is possible to do a File Transfer between 2 clients. it might be complicated as one one maybe have to be server and the other client but maybe Famatech can find a trick.

Radmin registration/management server
It's a Very Good idea, and having it setup as as an MMC sanp-in, is even cooler :).

I add it to my wishes :)
Deployment Tool.
Hi again,

I find Your deployment tool excellent, one option i was thinking about is when you scan your subnet or any subnet, and get your results, and do the scan for application, can we have the possibility to add those results to the address book, by drg and drop export or any kind of transfer possibility.

What I noticed as well, is the MSI configurator, is missing the dont show icon on the NTI version maybe there would be a special MSI for NTI?!

Best Regards,
Disable Remote Screen/keyboard and mouse.

I searched and cant find those wishes, so I am here making some.

Screen blanking, or Some kind of Message This computer is locked by %User%. Add to that a keyboard and mouse lock.

Would be great.

do not transfer data when viewer minimized option
I agree with Tek the switch to view only without opening another session, would be cool, and then toggle to control again.

But there I agree with Marius its same thing as pushing the button, why not capture the minimize command and assign it to stop refresh.

Boss spying?
Radmin, is a Great Product, since the begining, it's Growing nicely and no software is perfect as TekServer said, I think his post clears off the things.

Your IT departement needs no Radmin to access your data, if you doubt your IT guys, you should change them.


sorry if this post is alreay old.
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