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Short question, A short question regarding this product
Let's try Chinesse :D
Short question, A short question regarding this product
OMG Mark, you tought that i am saying that i can power on my home pc from work, even if my home pc has no power? No way. :D
Yep, my pc is powered but not logged on, if you know what i mean.
(i'm not an english native writer or speaker :oops: )
Short question, A short question regarding this product
Mark, here is what you said a few post upper: "That's why i try it before i buy it"
Just try it.
Give me an email and i will send you screenshhots .
Of course if i remove the power cable from my computer, the pc won't start. BUT if i remeove the power cable from my pc, the pc won't start even if i really push the button.
Regarding the wake on lan function, you can be sure it starts.
As i told you. Just try it. Install the program on both pcs, from the lancard's driver just enable wake on lan and magic poket accept and that's it
A ggod day.
Short question, A short question regarding this product
Mark, i wanna turn my pc on from work, because i am at work for from 7 am to 11pm. It would be hard to let my pc on 16 hours a day right? I wanna access my home pc from work to copy some documents i need for work. Simple as that.
Ok, you can say that the first reason IS electrical consumption.
In a few words, i was looking for a program to wake my pc on. I told you that Anywhere control can do that. For example: my brother is working on my home pc. He shut down the pc and i can turn my home pc on, from work. Got it? That's why i asked for "Wake On Lan" function. In "Anyplace Control" i have an option "Turn on PC". I push that button pc wakes up. I push the button "Full control" and i have total control of my home pc (from my workplace). And i can copy the documents that i need.
So i think this option can be called "pushing the "on" button", right? At least that's what i think, that if this program power on my pc, it means that he pushes the "on"button. Or not? As my network card knows to recieve "magic pockets" it can wake my pc on.
As you can see, Marat answered me and he told me that Radmin don't have this ability, but there is another product that can do that. So, in conclusion it can be done, right? So maybe you're wrong about that one. Maybe.
I was not screaming that i'll buy another product. I wanna buy this one, that's why i have asked the question. I have sent an email on contact email but nobody asnwered me (from 1 september) That's why i asked here.
Best regards.
Short question, A short question regarding this product
Dear mr. Marc Willard,
First of all, i never claim to be a corporate professionnal. As you can see, you're the expert, i'm the newbie!
Second of all: "there's absolutely no way to remotely start a machine being not just plainly at sleep, but powered off" - ANYPLACE CONTROL.
Now, why are speaking if you don't know anything about my company? For example i am using Zone Alarm ON MY PC ONLY!. I'm NOT connected to a network. Why i am using ZA? Because i like ZA. But...welll...i'm the newbie, you're the expert.
By the way, why is so important why i wanna wake my home pc with WOL function. I just want to do this !
I saw that you have join the forum exactly one month ago, and you're an expert. Well, i think that a lot of people recieved your critics. Next time keep them for yourself.

Short question, A short question regarding this product
ok. no answer.
i'll buy another one.
Short question, A short question regarding this product
Yes WOL is BIOS dependent. But WOL is also networc card dependent.
I need this Wake On Lan function so i can start my work computer when i'm on the run and to start my home pc from work.
I have tryied Anyplace Control. It works incredible, but my Zone Alarm have found a virus :(
Waiting for other answers. Or maybe i'll download the trial and try ;)
Short question, A short question regarding this product
Hy all.
My company needs this kind of product.(Radmin)
BUT, can you tell me pls if the Wake On Lan function is supported?
Thank you
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