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Where is Remote Printing feature?

We apologize for any inconvenience but remote printing feature is not implemented in Radmin 3.0 release version. This feature may appear in one of the next versions of Radmin (4.0 and higher).

So... any idea what year that may be? 2010?... 2012?
transferring licenses, remote support question
Interesting.. situations like this is probably why Dameware licenses the administrator and not the remote user. So that as long as you have a local license, you can connect to a million end users w/o any fees.

Manipulating rAdmin licenses scheme to essentially do the same thing sound a little shady. Typically, with the rAdmin scheme.. you buy a license for a remote machine. It doesn't seem right to move that license to mulitple remote machines when the original one is still in service.

This is one of those 'slippery slope' situations. I'm interested to see how rAdmin responds.
Can the new Display Hook Driver being disable?
I'd be suprised if it couldn't. If it's anything like Dameware.. you just check/uncheck a box on the connection screen and that tells it whether or not to activate the fancy display driver.
radmin and vista
Don't believe that 10% BS. You usually only hear that number fomr Linux fanboys or someone wanting to sell you new hardware.

That 10% figure *may* have a chance of being true if you take into account every PC ever made since the 8086 and if you try turning on every single option, but even then it's still doubleful. Yes, Vista has some beefy "requirements", but MS is known for exagerating to requirements in antisipation for what you all you may install onto vista (a reasonable amount of 3 party apps). After all.. people don't buy vista just to run vista. They buy Vista to be able to run 3rd party apps on top of Vista. If you beef up the requirements claim, the vista doesn't seem to run slow as you install more and more ***** to it.

I have a 3 year old Latitude D800 laptop right here and it's been running Vista just fine.
"Full release is expected in July-August, 2006. "
Ahh.. according to the website, it's been delayed again. Now it's due out fourth quarter of 2006.

It's amazing that in the time that Famatech takes to release an upgraded version of rAdmin, Microsoft will have managed to release (at least) 3 different operating systems.
"The final release of Radmin 3.0 is scheduled on October."

Well.. according to Famatech... they said the final release was scheduled for October. There's only one more day left!

So, should we get ready to start our downloads.. or is Famatech going to miss yet another deadline and lie to their costumers once again?
"Full release is expected in July-August, 2006. "
According to:

FamaTech said:
" As you can see from our news Famatech presented Radmin 3.0 beta on the CeBIT tradeshow. This version will become available for public download in April. Full release is expected in July-August, 2006.

There will be no more delays for release of Radmin Server 3.0beta. "

So.. now that it's October. Has a release date for Radmin 3.0 been set yet?

I see that the beta has already been extended an additional 60 days.. that 60 days will be up on Oct 10th. Does this mean the release date will be October 10th.. or will the final be dela..err... extended again?
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