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Topic: «No screen on WIN7 machine» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
03/20/2012 11:22:44
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Can You please tell me what went wrong from the beginning?
Does the order of installation of programs and/or devices have anything to do with it?

I don't want to have to do this on all new machines...

Best Regards,
Jan Sjöberg
03/20/2012 11:08:09
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Thank you, but this seems to me that it is WIN XP you are referring to.

It did not work.

I changed the path to \windows\system32\driverstore, and then it worked...
03/15/2012 10:07:19
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Dear Sir,

I can connect to a WIN7 machine but get only the the little blue RAdmin window, not the remote computers screen. File transfer seem to work.

The remote computer has an Integrated NVIDIA ION graphics, with no settings available, i.e. I can not turn off hardware acceleration IF that is the problem?!

Since we have bought a number of theese machines we would very much like to be able to use RAdmin on them.

What can I do?

Best regards,
Jan Sjöberg
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Topic: «Radmin on iPad & Xoom, are you working on it ?» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
11/13/2011 10:37:12
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Any progress on IPad implementation?
The whole world is waiting...
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Topic: «Shutdown really?» on forum: Free Network Utilities by Famatech
08/16/2004 06:30:54
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Why does not machines shut down completely; it works in RAdmin with "Switch off" ???

It would be extremely nice to be able to switch off all computers at once without also pushing the physical button...

Best Regards,
Jan Sjöberg
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