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transferring licenses, remote support question
No, the idea is moving the original license and deleting the old servers so that only one computer has the license at any one time.
transferring licenses, remote support question
If I am providing remote support for one customer at a time can I transfer the license over to each persons server (and delete the other server) as I provide that support.
The support provided is one-off and incidental/reactive.
Making remote software useful, User (server) initiates connection
"Remote deployment tool for Radmin will be developed after the final release of Radmin Server 3.0. "
I am hoping this will allow the remote user to initiate a connection by downloading a preconfigured server. If the user initiates a connection then firewalls are not an issue as its an outbound connection.

This is what I am hoping this remote deployment toll will do because this would take Radmin as a tool to a whole new level.
Getting Through a Filewall
hoe do they initiate remote management on their firewall? Do you mean portforwarding or simply clicking the remote assistance tab?
Using radmin to provide remote support, Using Radmin 3
And you want a reverse connection through the firewall which the user initiates by opening the exe. That way you don't need to configure the firewall because its an outbound actiion initiated by the administrator of that computer.
Using radmin to provide remote support, Using Radmin 3
How does the customer apply the reg.file? They have to start/run/regedit and then when they import the file they have to know where to place it or does it automatically go into the radmin server settings. Then they have to change one setting in the server.
This is far more than I want the customer to be able or have to do. I want a simgle file that works like UltraVNC SC where they click on the downloaded .exe and it connects them to me. I don;t know how to write a batch file that would do all of this but would assume that this would be possible. The batch file would need to change the firewall setting and import the registry settings for the server. So it would be the ini file in an exe that contained the batch file and the registry settings .reg file. Would this be correct?
Using radmin to provide remote support, Using Radmin 3
How do you use Radmin 3 to provide remote support to customers who require incidental assistance. Scenario: you do not have access to their computer. You want them to download a preconfigured server from your website so that you can then log into their computer once they install the preconfigured server. You don;t want them to have to make any adjustments to the server after installation. Mainly because they do not have the expertise to do so. Can this be done with Radmin 3?
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