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Topic: «Can Radmin 3.0 be purchased?, can't wait a month for an upgrade.» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
02/12/2007 15:08:37
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Before I go completely insane with these frustrating delays...
Can Radmin 3.0 be purchased for $49 with a working 3.0 key now? I really can't wait a month to upgrade my 2.2 key. Maybe this is some kind of scheme to get existing customers to buy 3.0 instead of waiting for the upgrade?

Anyway.. I don't care about the money. Who do I have to f*** to get a 3.0 key?

I only have about 45 years left before I die.. so please lets get a move on. 10% of that time has elapsed since version 3.0 was promised years ago.
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Topic: «Missing Controls, Where did all the Controls go?» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
02/11/2007 20:35:48
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I'm a bit shocked here. You have been waiting something like four years to go from Radmin 2.2 to Radmin 3.0 ... Radmin 3.0 is really still not out since the keys are not yet available... and you are talking about Radmin 4.0?

Lets be a bit realistic.

In my case, I'm rapidly getting anxious about not having the key for Radmin 3.0. I had a chance to put Radmin 3.0 on it on Friday, but I had to give up that chance because no key was available even though Radmin 3.0 final is out. Close but no cigar. Now I'm going to have to tell a pack of lies to try and get access to that computer again.. which I would easily had access to 3 days ago.
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Topic: «Confused about upgrade - is it safe to install Radmin 3.0?, upgrade has not been started yet?» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
02/09/2007 00:17:39
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I'm confused! The upgrade to 3.0 is not available yet?
If I install 3.0 on a computer tomorrow.. does that mean that in the future the program will stop working or have popups saying the license is invalid?

Is it safe to install Radmin 3.0?
Does the licensing issue only affect my side of the connection? The viewer?
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Topic: «Any Radmin 3.0 pitfalls or problems?, rare opportunity» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
02/09/2007 00:09:48
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I have an unexpected rare opportunity to get my hands on a computer I want to install Radmin 3 on tomorrow. Are there any problems I should be aware of?

With Radmin 2.2, I had to set the firewall to unblock the port. The problem I still had was that I did not have access to the router at that time, and the install wound up failing to connect. Am I right in assuming that the router must also be configured to open the port?

My window of getting this done is probably going to be 2.5 days.. so I hope I can get some quick support for this rare and unexpected opportunity.
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Topic: «Strange Radmin viewer 3b2 behaviour» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
01/15/2007 23:27:02
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any program that can get by zone alarm can get by anything.

I don't recommend zone alarm though.. except for maybe occasional use. There is a huge price to pay in performance and usability when people run "security" software such as Zone Alarm.
Frankly, the protection software causes more problems than the problems the protection software is supposed to be protecting you from.

many protection programs don't actually do what they are supposed to.. but wind up interfering with your computer so much that it makes the operation of the entire computer a disaster to both the user and the "spy"

Norton security is kind of like chopping off one's arm to eliminate a broken fingernail.
01/15/2007 09:57:17
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Illegal serial on beta 2? As far as I know.. beta 2 does not function beyond a limited time frame.. so there is no such thing as an illegal serial for beta2

Firefox is freeware..
There is a shareware version of Total Commander.
Why are you telling us you are using cracked versions? It almost seems like you are encouraging people to use cracked software. Whether the software is cracked or whether it was shoplifted out of a store doesn't really matter.

A useful test would be with Zone Alarm.
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