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Iphone Client
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
Cmon, the Earth won't survive 2012...
Stranger things have happened!

Any how what about an api for the Droid
More than one server on same network
You should have a router that will direct the Radmin connection depending the port you use from the outside. you need to configure Radmin, lets say on a laptop that you will ust to connect via the internet to your network. If your network does not have a static IP address then you would need to use a service like, which will keep track of the IP address of your ISP network connection via a small program that would run on one of the computers inside your network.
For each computer you want to access you need to have the Radmin Server running. On your laptop you would configure a connection for each computer using your network IP (or DynDns DNS name)and use a different port number for each. Like computer 1 is port 4899 and computer 2 is 4898 etc. On your router you access the setup program and configure the "Virtual Server " so that when the router sees a Radmin connection on the 4899 public port it is routed to 4899 private port at your computer 1 IP address, and a Radmin connection on the 4898 public port it is routed to 4899 private port at your computer 2 IP address.
If you are not familiar with the routing sertp let me know what router you have and I will try to assist.

Good luck,
More than one server on same network

I have several computers on the same network. When I am on the network (internally) I access the machine I want via it's IP address or computer name all are on the default port (4899). If I am outside the network, accessing from the internet I have set the router set so that the incoming (external) port resolves to the specific machine IP/name and the default port (4899).
Example: Radmin connects from the outside using the "public" port 4895. The router sees that and directs to 192.168.x.x and the "private" port 4899.
Portable Radmin Viewer, U3 Smart USB Drives
I have just purchased a 4Gb SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive which comes with U3 Smart Technology. This device allows U3 compatible programs to run from the USB Drive including your profile, desktop, etc. You just plug it in to any win 2000 or XP(SP2) and you have what looks like your computer. It comes with some programs such as a version of Skype.
The question I have is can you consider a version of Redmin Viewer that would be U3 compatible? That way all I need to do is carry my USB Drive in my pocket instead of my laptop. I can go to any computer plug in the drive and access the servers.
The U3 address is: with links to developer info. There is also info on the SanDisk website.

Restrict access to Radmin Server settings
Simple and it works.
Thank you.
Restrict access to Radmin Server settings

Is there a way to Restrict access to Radmin Server settings so that the "administrator" would have full control (local & remote), but others accessing the remote computer would not be able to view or change permissions?

Thank you.
RAdmin for PocketPC, RAdmin for PocketPC
I would also like to see Radmin work on WM5 platform
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Radmin 3.5

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