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Portable Radmin Viewer, U3 Smart USB Drives
I also agree. today I have to go to any other machine, download the viewer,and re-configure the servers in the viewer.

I have another utility on my U3 dirve that when I connect to my home machine it automatically syncs the profile and then I can use it on any other machine. This is a great behaviour I'd like to have in RADMIN
[ Closed] Timeline for new Radmin 3 Viewer?
same here - I'm trying, I am REALLY trying to understand the logic behind famatech's business steps but... giving up.

The Loss of keyboard control happens everytime ever since the viewer was released - reproducible EVERY time - being complained of by Everybody, but famatech don't really give a ***** ...

I just don't understand...
[ Closed] "Connect through"
I'm not using a firewall - my lan cannot use windows "web sharing" feature (for some reasons) so I installed a proxy server on the gateway machine and using it for going out.

After so many people complained about this missing feature, why do you still insist on us using port forwarding? Security algorithm refactoring?
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