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Topic: «Beta Version Trial, Simultaneous multiple connections» on forum: Network management general discussion
02/14/2007 17:40:25
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The need our school has is for conducting orientations for our ESL (English as a Second Language) and ASE (Adult Secondary Education - HSD/GED) programs combined with initial assessments for program level placement. Visual cues work best when assisting students with completing registration forms and preparing their test record sheets in addition to providing information about our programs and school. This can all be easily done utilizing MS PowerPoint. The students then launch into computer based testing at their stations. The process runs adequately now, however, the capability of having students simultaneously viewing a PowerPoint driven orientation and registration segment would allow for a much smoother operation. How can we use Radmin to allow 16-24 computer stations all viewing the same thing at the same time? Is this possible with this product? If not, we will have to try some other application program. A prompt reply/response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
02/13/2007 00:27:05
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I am still using Radmin 3.0 Beta 2. Does this trial version support simultaneous multiple connections to the same remote screen? I tried it and got a message after trying to connect a fourth computer that said no more connections of this type were allowed. I need the capability of connecting 16-24 computers to connect in view mode to the server to view a PowerPoint presentation simultaneously. Do I need to download the new release in order to do this?
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