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Topic: «Windows 8 compatibility?» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
12/26/2012 01:23:33
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What about radmin version 3.5?
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Topic: «Windows 8 / Server 2012» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
09/18/2012 02:00:50
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Actually Windows 8 has already been officially released, to developers and volume licensees (those with software assurance), but not yet for retail sale to the public (general consumers).

Win8 does work with radmin client, but I haven't risked radmin server yet. Hopefully they will make it officially compatible soon, now that is has been released.
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Topic: «Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Support» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
08/22/2012 08:01:35
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Thanks, checking to see if current release of radmin works with win8, or if a new release is required.
08/18/2012 20:10:04
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Windows 8 (final code) was released for download a few days ago (i.e. the RTM is released), though not yet in retail sale channel (GA). Does anyone know if current version Radmin works with Windows 8? Will it require a new release? If so, is that being beta tested now? thanks.
08/17/2012 02:22:55
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Now that Win8 is released, does Radmin support it? Thanks.
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