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Topic: «Only black screen on Amazon EC2 Grid» on forum: Radmin 3.x Troubleshooting
03/23/2014 05:09:01
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When I run Radmin on Amazon EC2 machine with Grid (g2.xlarge), I am only getting black screen after connect. Why is that? How to fix that?

Yes, I did reboot machine after installation.
Yes, I did setup ports in security group.
Yes, It does connect, but displays only black screen.

Maybe it is because it takes wrong GPU? It should take NVidia GRID... but may be taking Standard VGA Graphic Adapter... any way to set it up?
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Topic: «Selecting network interface, Really important!» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
08/16/2006 04:20:04
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Could you please add a future to Viewer, so you could select network interface that it should use? When i got 2 networks (internet), i would like to use this non-default for radmin... I guess it would be rally useful to be able to bind Viewer to ip (nic).
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Topic: «[BUG] Mouse problem.» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
06/27/2006 15:54:55
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There still is some mouse problem in most applications that dont use mouse pointer, but do use mouse. You've fixed scrolling problems (as far as i saw), but the problem with mouse in applications still exists...

Simple game: Pocket Tanks. When clickin on Angle button or Weapon (to select weapon by scrolling the list with mouse), it doesnt work correctly. It seems to be problem of most applications that arent using cursor directly.

Pocket tanks sharaware link:

I really really like new radmin, but please please please! Fix that issue... It works fine on VNC or other remote administration tools i've tested.
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Topic: «Feature request., Sound.» on forum: Famatech Beta Testing
06/27/2006 15:50:18
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I would like to request feature... so it would be possible to capture sound as well as graphics...
Great work!
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