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Please consider, though it´s been discussed before...
James Engelhart wrote:
I don't get what you are asking for? What do you want them to cache- the user/pwd you log in with?

What we do is create a local RAdmin user group on each machine when we install RAdmin.
Give that group full permissions in the RAdmin security setup.

Add the user you are running at your workstation to this group and when you go to connect- presto - it connects right in.

Do I need XP Pro to do this? I cannot find gpedit.msc on Home.


Of course, once you connect up to the machine you are required to log in. Unless you want them to pass your credentials to the login screen on the remote system...

Yes, or else only half of the job is saved. The developers should look to CA's Single Sign On. They did indeed get the point from a user perspective.

When I saw v3 of Radmin for the first time, my first thought was: is RAdmin developement taken over by ICQ/IRC chat kids? What would I use voice/text chat for? I've got Outlook and a VoIP phone on my desk.

Why don't the developers consentrate on the main issue with _R_E_M_O_T_E_ A_C_C_E_S_S_ ? I'm talking about remote machine being connecting party, to traverse NAT (without needs for my custommers to know how to forward ports on their routers), and call back functionality; and wait with this chat ***** when they finish this basic functionality?
Connecting party is the server., coming soon?
If using Radmin as remote custommer support and knowing they are behind NAT and don't want to tweak with their router it's a must that server side connects, to the client side.

Is this coming any time soon?
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