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I have some good ideas
1. Choose what each users have for permissions - deny the connection from for example the user "edgren" after X seconds and allow the connection from for example the user "polare" after X seconds.

2. Allow the connected user too see what the user he/she has connected to playing for game. Exacly in Radmin v2.2.

3. In the "Incoming connection alert"-window, make it more simple like this:

Type: Remote Screen View
User: polare

Allow this connection?

Right now it's only a mess if you ask me.

4. The mirror-driver for 3.x reloads my screen and if Im in a game, the game freezes and the only two choices I have is to hit CTRL+ALT+Del or restart the computer. Not so popular :/
Swedish language to Radmin 3.x
Any one who know if this suggestion is in progress?
Restrict access to Radmin Server settings
Nice, thanks :)
Swedish language to Radmin 3.x
Hi everyone!
I can see that Radmin 3.0 has different languages, but not in swedish, so what about a swedish Radmin =)) That would be great if you ask me.

Thanks for a beautiful program ^^
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