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RAdmin Server *Almost* Works on Win 10 build 9926
I 'upgraded' a Windows 8.1 Pro that already had Radmin installed to Windows 10 and, so far, I haven't discovered any issues. As far as I can see, my Radmin Server is fine.
Advance IP Scanner Results, Computers no longer on the network listed
Having just run a successful scan, I see that several computers that are no longer on our network are detected.

Our DNS Manager is hosted on our Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and our DHCP is managed by our Netgear FVS 338 Firewall Router. None of these old computers are listed on either devise.

I've tried flushing the DNS without success.

Can anyone give me any clues as to where Advanced IP Scanner is finding these old computers from? One of them has been removed from the network over a year ago.
Advanced IP Scanner v2.4.2526, Program Crash
I think I've found a work-around.

If I go into settings -> Options -> Resources and un-check 'Shared Folders' the scan will complete Could it be that a a shared folder is causing the crash?
Advanced IP Scanner v2.4.2526, Program Crash
I've just installed v2.4.2526 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine and a Windows 8.1 Pro machine.

The scan starts and crashes when it gets to the 2% mark. The event log states:

Faulting application name: advanced_ip_scanner.exe, version: 2.4.2526.0, time stamp: 0x54753c03
Faulting module name: srvcli.dll, version: 6.3.9600.17415, time stamp: 0x54503d38
Exception code: 0xc0000005

This happens on both machines.

Could anyone give me some pointers?
Feature Request
What would be the chances of a future version of Radmin having the ability to send a magic packet?.

This feature is already available in Advanced IP Scanner and it would be awesome if Radmin had the same facility.
Edited: Richard Wagstaff - 28.08.2014 02:36:52
Windows 8 compatibility?
I'd also be really grateful for an update on this. We have Windows 8 machines beginning to appear and I'm having to run Dameware trial software!
Windows 8 / Server 2012
Has anyone tested Radmin 3.4 on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 yet?

I've just upgraded a couple of machines to Microsoft's latest operating systems and I can't get a connection to the Radmin server installed on the new upgrades.

Before I spend too much time on this I just wanted to check if Radmin needs an upgrade or if I've done something wrong!
V3.3 Beta Availability

Am I missing something here? Aren't we already on 3.4?

Black Screen on Windows 7

I think you'll find that you'll need 3.4 for Windows 7
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
First impressions are positive.

A few points I think would make this great product even better.

1. The ability to print the results list.

2. The ability to enter a range of ports for a Radmin server scan. I have several Radmin servers on a remote sites and the option for 4 ports isn't enough.

3. Should the print feature be added, it would also be nice to be able to edit names (or add missing names) in the list.
A Quick Note of Appreciation
Just a quick note to say how much I like Radmin!

For ages, I've been trying to figure out a way to connect to a client computer that was connected elsewhere via a VPN. The Remote Desktop Connection just would not connect.

I then installed Radmin on it and connected through another host on the LAN and everything works well.

Thank you Guys - I love your product!
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
No problems found after a couple of hours of testing, however, I do have a feature request.

How about a facility to scan for active Radmin servers?

Would this be a good addition to the Radmin sub-menu?

Richard Wagstaff
Radmin Server Scan
Deleted - Sorry, wrong forum!
Edited: Richard Wagstaff - 28.10.2010 02:36:53
User Schedules
Can I make a wishlist request?

It would be really handy if we could restrict the time of day clients could connect to a Radmin server.

For instance, I need access to my computer 24 hours a day. However, I also have another Radmin user who I want to restrict access to working hours only.

How about putting an access schedule definable for each Radmin user?
Virtual PC's
You're very, very good Eugene!

Yes, I did install it over RDP. Once I'd un-installed and re-installed via the console all worked fine.

Many thanks indeed.

Virtual PC's
Does anyone know if there's a problem running Radmin on a Microsoft Virtual PC?

I have a Virtual XP machine running on a Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2.

Radmin works fine on the server but I get the blue 'two computer' icon hang when attempting to connect to the XP machine.

I've tried the sfc /purgecache suggestion mentioned in the KB without success.

I've also noticed that the chat window will not open on the host, nor is the Radmin icon showing in the taskbar. However, file transfer works fine.
Edited: Richard Wagstaff - 14.05.2010 08:18:29
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