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Cannot Install 3.4 on Windows 7
Please create a technical support ticket.
Remote Printing
No ETA available yet.
Cannot Install 3.4 on Windows 7
There is a solution above.
Suggestion: true full screen support
I've added this wish to our wishlist.
Intel AMT problem, does not execute the commands
Intel AMT is a hardware-supported feature, if you are unsure about your motherboard, please contact Intel directly, they have a full list of AMT-supporting motherboards.

If you don't see AMT menu in your BIOS, probably your motherboard doesn't support it.
Intel AMT problem, does not execute the commands

Can you connect via standard Intel AMT utility? Does your AMT (at motherboard) set up properly?
Problem with Hardware Acceleration
New version is way faster thank to mirror driver. But since engine is completely reworked, new version cannot work without mirror driver.
Problem with Hardware Acceleration
Then Radmin will not be able to show the picture without hardware acceleration reducing. We already have a wish for an optional turn off of the mirror driver, currently this is not possible
Problem with Hardware Acceleration

Please try to run CAD in windowed mode. At Vista and Win 7 / server 2008 it could work without reducing hardware acceleration (it depends).
No longer able to log on to all users

It looks like your spam filter blocked our answer.

John questions are correct, please answer them. Does Radmin security allows you to control these PC? What if you enter your credentials to the request window - does Radmin connect?
Lock local controls and screen of remote pc

We plan to implement this feature in our next releases.
Built-in VPN
Not yet.
full screen mode shutdown by voice chat
Thats is true, developers confirmed that full screen should be always on top (to cover Windows panel).
full screen mode shutdown by voice chat
I actually contacted developers and they answered that it is "working as intended", sorry for the delay. (I don't have any comments yet, only that it is an intended feature).
full screen mode shutdown by voice chat
Does it return to the "normal' mode the same way if you click "normal mode" manually, or window is positioned differently at the screen? (click "n. mode", click full screen then click voice chat and compare)
Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
Just open the access to port 80 then :)
full screen mode shutdown by voice chat

Could you please attach a screenshot?
Internal Multimonitor logic

We have the wish to alter default display in Radmin. It could be implemented in our future releases.
Autohide tool bar?

We have this wish in our wishlist.
Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
You can mass deploy Radmin.msi via our Radmin Deployment Tool, then these PCs will automatically connect to Activation server specified. (Since it is outbound connection, firewall shouldn't stop it).
Hotkey for switching to next display

I've added this wish to our wishlist.
Cannot Install 3.4 on Windows 7

Please create 'Temp' folder on your hard drive (let's assume your hard drive is 'C:'). Download MSI Radmin Server from our web site and place it into created folder. Then use 'Start', 'Run' and execute 'cmd' command. Window with command prompt will appear, write following command inside it and press 'Enter':

msiexec /i C:\Temp\rserv34.msi /l*v C:\Temp\rs.log

rs.log file will be created inside a 'Temp' directory. It's a plain text installation log: you can examine it yourself to see error description or send it to us for a professional assistance.
Cannot Install 3.4 on Windows 7
Cache clearing for XP:

1. Uninstall Radmin 3.x
2. Reboot
3. Go Start - Run - type "cmd" and in the opened window please type "sfc /purgecache".
4. Reboot
5. Install Radmin 3.x locally
6. Reboot
Radmin receiving TCP/IP error, Failure to connect from remote site to office network

Please create a new tech support ticket here:

and I will provide you a special TCP test utility.
Auto remote logoff on disconnect

I've added you wish to our wishlist. However I am unable to provide any ETA.
Searching through the phonebook, Is there an easier way to search through large phonebooks
I cannot promise anything, but we will try to implement this wish in our future releases.
Pre-Purhcase Questions
There is a special Radmin feature "connect through server". You need to install Radmin at your routing PC then you just connect via it to any PC (you will need to specify IP / port of routing PC then IP / port of internal PC).
Virtual PC's
Enjoy :)
Virtual PC's
Did you install Radmin locally or via RDP?
Lock out remote keyboard and mouse
We plan to implement this feature in our future releases.
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