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Configure Windows NT Security Permissions via command line?
Well I am unsure actually, but it looks like for now it is a single registry key. However you can make an experiment: add AD group to Radmin, export key, remove AD group, repeat with another one, restore first key (so you have 2 keys) and check what happens )
backup of radmin license
After reinstall just re-enter your key. All license info is been kept on our side.
question about licensing

Both cases shouldn't affect the license.
Why you removed my earlier topic?
Because this forum is a moderated one. The main purpose of this forum is to assist our users to find solutions for their issues. Some topics become outdated, some answers get their home elsewhere (at example on our support page) e t.c.

I constantly review this forum.
How to disable beep on remote machine when connecting, help
You can upgrade to Radmin 3.x (and is the only way i think)
How to disable beep on remote machine when connecting, help

1) Only Radmin 2.x beeps, Radmin 3.x doesn't
2) Please follow on our website support -> how to hide Radmin icon
backup of radmin license

Actually your key serves as your backup, because all license info is been kept on our server.
Activation Server Problem, Activation limit is reached for entered license code
Please create a technical support request.
No screen on WIN7 machine
Please create a technical support request
Solutions for Mac, Mac
Radmin viewer works on emulators, Radmin server doesn't
File Transfer Speed, File Transfer Speed seems quite slow.
File transfer only works within a single TCP connection, that will be improved in our next major release, currently there is no workaround for that.
No screen on WIN7 machine

You need to clear your driver cache.

There are two different ways to clear driver cache (since "sfc /purgecache" doesn't work for Windows 7, clearing the cache seems to be a bit more tricky).

Solution #1:

Create a batch file (You have to be an administrator on your system to use it) with the following content and execute it as an administrator (Right click it, choose Run as Administrator). It will create a directory labeled \windows\inf\infbk-XXXX (where the XXXX is replaced with a random number), set the relevant files to be owned by "Administrators", give "Administrators" full control over the files, and move them to the backup folder. After running this you should be able to install Radmin 3.x locally.

Here is the content of the batch file:

@echo off
TITLE Repairing Inf Cache
rem change to drive where windows runs
rem change to the \windows\inf folder
cd %SystemRoot%\inf

rem create random directory for backup

rem list of files which need to be removed

rem take ownership of the first file
takeown /f %FILE1%
rem grant full control to 'administrators'
icacls %FILE1% /grant administrators:F /t
rem move it to the backup folder

rem same for the other files
takeown /f %FILE2%
icacls %FILE2% /grant administrators:F /t

takeown /f %FILE3%
icacls %FILE3% /grant administrators:F /t

takeown /f %FILE4%
icacls %FILE4% /grant administrators:F /t

takeown /f %FILE5%
icacls %FILE5% /grant administrators:F /t

echo Successfully moved all infcache related files to %FOLDERNAME%

Please run this .bat file, reboot and reinstall Radmin Server 3.x locally. Also please make sure to reboot your machine after Radmin Server is installed.

There also is another way to clear driver cache.

Solution #2:

Please follow these steps to rebuild Driver Database:

Boot from your Windows 7 DVD and Click on "Repair your computer".
Open "Command Prompt". Enter C:
Enter CD \Windows\INF
Enter the following commands exactly
Be careful while deleting, making a mistake may leave your Windows unbootable. Please purge your cache, reboot and try to reinstall Radmin Server. Please make sure to reboot once again after Radmin installation.
Cannot connect to perfectly activating server

Here are the steps you must take in order to establish Radmin connection:

1. Download Radmin Server 3.x here and install it on the remote computer. A remote computer is a computer which you want to gain access to later via Radmin.

2. Download Radmin Viewer 3.x here and install it on the local computer. A local computer is a computer from which you connect to the remote computer.

3. On the remote computer right click on the blue Radmin icon in the system tray and click "Settings for Radmin server". Click "Permissions", make sure Radmin security is selected and then click the corresponding "Permissions" button. Click "Add user", choose username and password and click OK, OK. Then exit Radmin Server settings. You are done with the settings of Radmin Server.

4. The port you need to use is 4899. This is a default port; you can change it if you want in Radmin Server Settings -> Options.

5. If the remote PC is located in a different LAN or is behind a router please download Hamachi from here:
Install Hamachi on your local and remote PC. Run Hamachi, click “Power On” button on the lower left part of Hamachi window. You will get a virtual IP address shown on the upper part of Hamachi window. This IP address will be used for connecting with Radmin. Then please click Create or Join Networks button on the lower right part of Hamachi Window – choose Create a new Network. Set a desired name and a password for your virtual network. Then on the remote PC please click Create or Join Networks button and choose to Join an existing Network, type in your network name and Password for joining a Network. After you are done, you will see that you will get two or more IP addresses shown while you point your mouse cursor over the Radmin Server tray Icon. Now you are done with setting up a virtual Network.

6. Again on the remote computer make sure that Windows built-in firewall doesn't block Radmin connection. Open Start -> Control panel -> Windows firewall, go to Exceptions tab and add Radmin port 4899 as an exception. If you have a proprietary firewall (for example, ZoneAlarm or any other firewall software) refer to its documentation to find out how to create exception for a port.

7. On the local computer open Radmin Viewer, on the main menu click "Connection -> New connection". Enter the IP address of the remote computer into "IP address or DNS name" field. (You have to enter a Hamachi IP address in case if you are connecting over the Internet, please see step 5.) Enter a descriptive name of the connection and click OK.

8. Now in order to connect to the remote computer in Full Control mode, right click on the newly created connection, and click Full Control in the context menu.
Radmin on iPad & Xoom, are you working on it ?
We have a working prototype, which is very fast and smooth. However the release of iOS/Android version is bounded to our next major release (that is inevitable by technical reasons). I hope that we can release it this year.
Hide Remote screen????, Remote loging question
We will implement blank screen in the next major release (Radmin 4.x)
Intel AMT problem, does not execute the commands

1) Does your motherboard support Intel AMT?
2) Does Intel AMT work locally?
Can only run in system service mode
Set Radmin startup to "automatic" and reboot your PC. If that won't help, please create a tech support ticket.
How to use Radmin through port 80.
You can set your router to forward port 80 to your local PC port 4899, then connect from outside to router IP and port 80.
Can connect to windows7 but cant do anything ...
Probably game intercept controls, that could be possible.
Can connect to windows7 but cant do anything ...
It looks like something blocks TCP channel from your PC to server one. Check firewalls e tc
Radmin Server 3.4 install on XPSP3 guest VM under ESX 5 Problems, Radmin Server 3.4 install on XPSP3 guest VM under ESX 5 - hangs on video hook at install then later "Cannot Start Radmin Server service"
have a problem when use Pro/ENGINEER

Please disable hardware acceleration (server side).
Moved from Netgear Router to BT Homehub, Radmin No Longer works.
Do you see your PCs via Entire network? Can you ping/telnet them?
Radmin Server 3.4 install on XPSP3 guest VM under ESX 5 Problems, Radmin Server 3.4 install on XPSP3 guest VM under ESX 5 - hangs on video hook at install then later "Cannot Start Radmin Server service"

Since you've stated that you've done it lot of times - what is the difference between this virtual PC and previous ones? Guest VM virtual driver? Or something else?
Radmin 3.4 and nod32 antivirusv4 business

You need to allow Radmin connect through port 4899 (by default) or any other chosen port. There should be an option to add program/port to an exception list. Details should be asked from ESET.
Slowly install and hangs on XP machines
You should disable RDP and terminal sessions at these PCs prior installing Radmin.
Had to change PC now Radmin won't work
Please create a technical support request.
Cant send CTL-ALT-DEL to a Windows 2003 server using 3.4 Server and viewer
There should be an analogue politic in 2003 server. It looks like you've used VNC and it corrupted such politic.
radmin 3.4, screen flashes on remote computer
This is a result of restarting video driver and cannot be fixed. We recommend to establish Radmin connection at the begin of workday.
black screen when Play slideshow
Hardware acceleration is the acceleration by your graphic card. It can be disabled in display settings -> troubleshooting
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Radmin 3.5

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