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Topic: «Shared phonebook and search, Feature request» on forum: Network management general discussion
12/17/2008 08:26:35
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My organization uses Radmin as well and we are also in need of finding a way to access a shared Radmin phonebook so that everyone in the group can have the same updated list of machines. If the Radmin phonebook could be stored on a central server and accessed by all it would be easier to maintain up to date machine lists etc.

on another note it would be nice if a search feature was added to allow us to search for specific machines when using very large phonebooks.

Radmin should add these features
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Topic: «Searching through the phonebook, Is there an easier way to search through large phonebooks» on forum: Network management general discussion
08/06/2007 09:26:06
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Thanks!, I hope someone adds this feature to the next version. Not being able to search for specific machine names within the folders of the address book is such a pain with larger address books. I end up having to create a new address only to find I already created it some time ago. Maybe even suggest a way to sort out duplicates.
08/04/2007 18:25:57
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I use Radmin 3.0 and at my company we build rather large phonebooks organized into folders within our Radmin viewers. Does anyone know if there is an easier to search the phonebook for specific names. I am wishing there was a search function similar to <CTRL+F> in windows where I will no longer have to manually search through each folder in my Radmin phonebook looking for specific machine names.
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