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Cursor jumps in Word and Outlook, Radmin problems with Word and Outlook
When I am on a Radmin connection and try typing in either a Word or Outlook document, the cursor jumps to different places on the screen every few minutes. It is extremely irritating because it will jump into the middle of a word. If the user isn't watching carefully, the typos are a major hassle to fix.

This has been happening for over a year. I've not seen anyone address this problem.

I have the current version of Radmin. I'm using either Word and Outlook 2003 or 2007
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
One more comment for Dmitry:

Please don't make the mistake that Roman has made so often. He's made promise after promise. Crack addicts that we are, we believed him and came looking at the designated time. What did we find? Nothing. Worse, there was no explanation or apology.

If you check, you will confirm that there has been a pattern: The rudest comments come AFTER another deadline has passed. They got worse as each day passed with no word from Roman. Finally, Roman would reply after 6 or 7 days.

I hope you will treat us with a little more respect. If you cannot meet a commitment you state, then be courteous and post an update for us BEFORE the deadline passes. This will help tone down the anger we feel at being kept in the ***** time after time.

This is a repeat of a previous post I made for Roman a few promises ago, but it got deleted.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
It's mid-day here on the east coast of the United States. Nothing yet...

Only 18 hours to go (GMT 12:00) until Monday ends at the International Date Line.
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
I agree with the sentiments expressed in the last few posts. Give us a chance to work on the Beta in whatever condition it's in.

Roman: Your last promise was the end of April. That's 141.4 hours from now (GMT 12:00 - International date line west). You should know by now whether you plan to keep that commitment. I suggest that you communicate your intentions with us now. If you are planning to break your word again, it's best to give us advance notice rather than waiting for 10 days like you did the last time. Some of the harshest criticisms came in the 10 days following your March 31st deadline because many of us were checking in daily, only to be frustrated day after day. :!:
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
[/QUOTE] Well, the last post by Roman says April - but notice he didn't specify the year... His last sentence sounds authoritative, but we've heard it before. The fact that he isn't trying to respond to some of these recent posts isn't encouraging.

There's another problem with this firm that underscores my concern. I tried to buy add'l licenses a couple of years ago, but wanted to have one combined license for all my installations. A reply was posted on the site that I should email the sales dept. I emailed at least three times, then put up another post that I was getting no response. I can't get them to sell me their product! If a firm doesn't know how to sell - or has no interest in selling their product, how can they afford to spend money developing it? Maybe that's why the release date has been delayed - they couldn't pay their programmers...
[ Closed] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
[Well it is now end of March 2006. No news yet...
Don't be so cynical y'all! It's still 3/31/06 somewhere in the world for at least 10 hours! It might happen yet. and monkies might fly...
Feature Idea
Bless you! :) This problem has been such a pain. I'm counting the minutes until I can download the Radmin Server 3.0 :!:
Also should be added..., More featuers to enhance RCS
I like the suggestions noted in this thread. Very good points. I currently use a shareware chat program in my company. Here's a link to the developer's site: This program is loaded on our server and includes our remote sales team in a private IM-type environment. The program loads on startup on each computer and is present in the toolbar. A single click allows us to see who is connected. Instantaneous single or group chats allow us to communicate effectively. If your product included these features, I would switch to your product because I currently use Radmin so extensively. It seems your product is more oriented toward conferencing, which may be something I would utilize if the other capabilities were also included.

If anyone has suggested this in another thread, please excuse the redundancy.
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