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Topic: «One thing i would like to see in 3.0» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
06/21/2005 14:09:07
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Can you provide any new updates or timelines?
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Topic: «Professionalism, Radmin's lack there of» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
03/15/2005 23:18:45
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Okay, CeBIT ends today. I think we deserve some to hear some of the so-called news for which we have been asked to stay tuned. I trust you will report more than an assessment of the bratwurst and hefeweizen in Hannover.
03/02/2005 21:03:07
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You know, back in 2002, I felt exactly the way you do. I couldn't understand why people were complaining. Now, I do. Eventually hope fades.
03/01/2005 14:16:40
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Agreed 100%.
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Topic: «Dwelling on the 3.0 Server Release, Never Going to Happen» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
02/24/2005 17:05:16
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Hey Scott, what is the speed like for RemotelyAnywhere?

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Topic: «How long has 3.0 been in development?» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
11/02/2004 11:14:26
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The note from Denis was referring to March, 2003.
10/29/2004 11:17:48
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Sadly, I think the release was promised 2.5 years ago. I first started using Radmin in March, 2003 - when there was already considerable complaining on this forum about 3.0 being far behind the promised release schedule. I inquired about version 3.0 at that time, and received this response:

We have decided not to come with some intermediate version. This delay is partially related with the increased features list. I understand your impatience but hope you'll find 3.0 worth waiting for.
According to our internal schedule we expect to have beta version in March. Note that we never guarantee any exact release dates. Famatech is mostly concerned about the quality, so we prefer to delay the release than to come out with some buggy product.

The planned features list is as follows (of course, it's subject to changes without any notices from our side; note, that it's not the complete list; actually the majority of these features have been already implemented):

-New video hook driver for Win2000/XP;

-Compatibility with Windows XP multiple user sessions.
-Multiple monitor support;
-Disable keyboard, disable screen, drisable mouse options.
-Blank monitor support;

-Back connect feature.
-Capability to bind to the network interfaces.
-Adding DNS and user names to the logfile.
-New NTauth support. New NTauth settings interface.
-5 bad password sequence anti hacker delay.

-Mouse movements will be visible from Radmin viewer's side;
-Chat mode.
-Voice transfer mode.
-Mouse wheel support.
-Add other modes launch (file transfer voice, telnet) using cached password.
-Full-screen text mode support.

-Remote install;
-Radmin viewer connection list subfolders, tree view support, drug&drop etc; up to 100,000 items support
-Rescan computers-opportunity to set default updates/sec value;

-Interface changes;
some others

Best Regards
Denis Senin
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