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Topic: «RADIUS Authentication Request, Centralized, managed RAdmin authentication» on forum: Famatech Software Good Wishes
11/17/2007 22:25:36
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We use RAdmin extensively in remote locations. Each server that we use the application on is completely disconnected from any domain environment. The servers are located in high security, locked cabinets, all with the same Windows username and password. Each individual who needs access has their own individual RAdmin username and password.

We think it would be great to have a centralized, possibly RADIUS based authentication system. This would allow a network admin to control passwords and access to any number of remote servers, without deploying domains or registry hacks to get around the shortcomings. Almost all other software that we use, everything from IBM Tivoli to Cisco's 15454 ONS, support this functionality.

Would there be a chance to add this RAdmin authentication via RADIUS enhancement to a future release?

Rob Bridal
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