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Topic: «MAC addresses, MAC address settings not holding» on forum: Free Network Utilities by Famatech
12/05/2007 15:51:27
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I am using Advanced IP Scanner v1.5, and am having trouble with my mac addresses saving. I love the software so far, but for each of my "alive" computers in my scan list, the mac address is not correct. It appears to be a legit mac address, but not the mac address of that particular pc. As for the "dead" computers, the mac address is all zeros. I updated the macs for a few pc's and saved a list of these computers. Although, when I open the list in notepad, the mac is set to all zeros... I decided to edit this list to the correct macs for these pc's, then open it in IP Scanner. It opens the pc's in the list window with the correct macs while it says scanning..., then reverts the macs to some unknown address again. Any ideas why I can't just set the correct mac address for my machines, and have them save for the next time I use the program?
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