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Radmin 3.0 Pricing

When I originally purchased Radmin 2.2, I was promised a FREE upgrade to version 3.0.

Now on the home page, it shows that 2.2 owners will only get a discount. What is going on here?

If that isn't bait and switch, I don't know what is. I might have to get my state's Attorney General involved. I will wait till the product is released to see what happens, maybe only new customers get a discount, where previous owners get it for free.

We'll see.
Cebit is here where is Radmin 3?
8) As a longtime user of Radmin, I too am frustrated with the release of Version 3. BUT, Radmin 2.2 Server with the 3.0 Beta Viewer allows me to perform all the functions I need.

I have a client with 40 Sites in 4 States and the software allows me to maintain them without going on site.

I am most looking forward to the text messaging in the new version, but I can always talk to them over the phone so it is not critical.

We purchased Radmin for the ease of use, security, quality of product as compared to other products on the market at the time.

The one feature I could really use is not even going to be in Version 3 and that would be to be able to connect with a Web Browser.

If I would be able to connect over a web browser with an active X control, I would not have to carry my laptop everywhere I go. It has gotten so hectic I even have a Verizon Wireless Broadband connection, so I can connect remotely on the side of the road or in a diner.

Now with the Citrix GoToMyPc available, we performed an eval of the product. Radmin wins hands down, except for the Web Based client. Radmin was more reliable, faster and gave us better usability. Even if they were evenly matched, pricing for GoToMyPC Pro costs over $3000 a year for 20 machines. I manage 100 remote PC's. So even if we got a discount, I would expect they would want $10,000 a year for 100 Machines.

We purchased the Helpdesk version. The software is a bargain and has paid for itself over and over again.

I'll keep Radmin...Thank you.
Radmin 3.0 Server., Details.
I received an email about your upcoming event at the CEBIT in Germany. While I won't be able to attend, I am anxious to hear about CEBIT and more importantly RADMIN SERVER 3.0.

My question is, Will the 3.0 Server Beta be available after CEBIT?

I cannot even think of what my life was before Radmin. When ever one of my remote clients had a problem, I had to get in my car and travel. Now all I do is tell the user to sit back and watch!!

In New Jersey I have a Verizon Wireless Broadband connection and your software works great with it. On many occasions, I have pulled over on the side of the road or in a rest area and fixed a problem remotely.

One feature I would love to see is an Internet Explorer Active X plugin version. I understand the security issues you might encounter, but on occasion I don't have my laptop with me when I need to access a client site. Being able to go into an Internet Cafe or even borrow someone's laptop would be worth it's weight in gold.

Currently I carry a USB Key with the radmin viewer and my address book so I can connect, but an IE version would be so much cleaner.
[ Closed] Professionalism, Radmin's lack there of
We could complain all we want, but to be fair, RAdmin is so far above other solutions, I'll wait until they are done.
What you want in new version?, :)
RAdmin through IE or FireFox would be very helpful!
radmin through a cable router
Yes you can...What you need to know is the public IP address. To get this info, login to your cable router, usually 192.168.x.1 where x is 0 or 1.

After logging in, there should be a status page. This page will show you the public IP address.

Hope this helps. If you would always want to find the address without going thru this, check out They offer dynamic DNS routing.

Barry Kucher :)
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Radmin 3.5

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