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Dynamically create the title bar text in viewer, Reduce the effort required to identify active connections
I've been using Radmin for 6 months and can't really complain. I would like to make one suggestion that would reduce the number of times I have flit between viewer windows. I've inherited a connection "address book" where many of the entries are simply labelled: "Server".

Each of these instances are found in a hierarchy of folders, which is great for choosing the connection I need to make. However, I can be working on a number of client's servers simultaneously but because each window's title bar is "Server" I have to check each one properly before deciding which to use.

The solution is build up a hierarchy of the clients in the 'Name of entry' field, which would distinguish each of the servers. This is quite TEDIOUS with many server entries.

Ideally, the software should create a string based on the hierarchy of folders where the connection is defined. This string is then placed in the title bar. To explain:

+-+ Client 1
+-+ Client 2
|   |
|   +-+ Site 1
|   |   |
|   |   +-+ Finance Dept.
|   |   |        - Accountant
|   |   |        - Bookkeeper
|   |   |
|   |   +-+ Marketing Dept.  
|   |
|   +-+ Site 2
|       |
|       +--+ Finance Dept.
+-+ Client n

The current solution suggests the name of the Bookkeeper entry is: "Client 2 / Site 1 / Finance Dept. / Bookeeper". This is very clear. However, we need to dedicate a fair amount of time just to create these potentially long and repetitive connection entries as we acquire new clients.

If it could be achieved programmatically: the event to make the connection to the Bookkeeper resolves the path of the Bookkeeper entry as: "Client 2 / Site 1 / Finance Dept." Therefore the fully qualified name of the entry is: "Client 2 / Site 1 / Finance Dept. / Bookkeeper". This entry is placed in the viewer's title bar.

My hope of this approach would make the product that much more usable, and require less searching through windows.

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