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Ask User Permission mass change
This does appear to be possible. Importing the reg file changes the setting. Disregard my question, I answered it myself.
Ask User Permission mass change
Nevermind. I found the Reg keys called "AskUser" and "AutoAllow" under HKLM\Software\Radmin\v3.0\Server\Parameters. These can be changed on one machine, exported and imported to many others it looks like. I will report back if this is possible.
Ask User Permission mass change
I'm hoping there is a registry setting or configuration file somewhere that I can modify to enable this feature on 350+ some odd computers by simply pushing out a new file or registry entry through group policy. Is this possible?
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
Well what happens then if you resize it and close and reopen it without the screen res or position changing?
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
That could be, if the window is outside of the available space, for example the height is somewhere between 1280 and 1920, while you are on the larger display, then open it after youve moved to the smaller display, it might just default at that point since it literally cant display it at the previous res. What happens if you go the other way? Smaller res to larger?

The change in res may make it default period, regardless of window size too. Who knows.
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
I meant to say switching mine to "list" doesnt make it lose the size either.
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
I use Details... simply so i can order the machine by "computer" (the name of the user) or by the Address "the actual computer name on the domain", so if i know one or the other i can find it quicker. Try "details" as your view instead? Though switching mine TO details doesnt make it lose the size either so I'm really not sure.
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
See thats bizarre, mine doesnt do that, its always where i left it each time i open it anew. What VIEW are you using?
Feature reuqest: Radmin viewer remember window size
My Radmin Viewer remembers the size, its always the same way i had it previously when it opens. What kind of system are you on? I run Win 7 Ultimate.
Radmin logging me out
Eugene is correct, Radmin is most likely not either of your issues. Its another factor terminating the connection. I routinely will leave a connection in view mode to a user's computer here at the office open overnight and it is still connected in the morning. We are talking close to 15 hours idle, still connected. I don't think your issue is with Radmin.
Radmin server connection
Yes you stated he was not very computer literate, however that site is designed for the computer illiterate to follow. If he cant follow the simple instructions on that site then you are not going to be able to control his PC with radmin. The only other advice I could suggest would be to find some website to get ahold of his machine one time, so then YOU could perform the port forward and use radmin from then on. I recall something called Hamachi. Perhaps tech assist, or something similar. Basically a site you direct him to, he is asked to put in a number and then click allow.
Radmin server connection
Might I suggest

many models of routers and how to port forward on them.
MSI does not save configurations, Using RDT to install MSI
How is it that you are creating this msi?

You also cannot CHECK a modified msi, once it is modified, if you open it again in the modifier, it will not show your changes, the wizard is only made to CREATE changes, and modify an MSI in one direction... you cant EDIT them unfortunately.

Does the target server have access to the internet to be activated? Or to the activation server itself? Alternatively, is perhaps the activation server not online.
Edited: John Rose - 22.06.2011 09:02:23
Deployment Tool on separated subnets
Ah, excellent, that was where i was going, if you had it on a Win7 or Win 2008 box, sometimes the services can get hosed and restarting them helps. I was going to suggest either Computer Browser, Workstation, or Server, as they are usually one of the culprits in my experience. Glad you got it working.
Deployment Tool on separated subnets
What OS is the RDT installed on?
Deployment Tool on separated subnets
You said you were unable to see the other computer on different subnets via "Entire Network". Right?
Deployment Tool on separated subnets
Brock Goines wrote:
I can't see all PC's via the "Entire Network", only those on my subnet.

Brock Goines wrote:
That does not seem like a correct assumption. The PC can see them when using explorer or when browsing the network. So why cant RDT see them?

What? You just contradicted yourself. However, if you are unable to see anything but your subnet with the "Entire Network", then that is what the distribution tool will be able to see. Period.
Deployment Tool on separated subnets
What he means is the computer can't see them. If the machine you are putting the RDT on can't see the computers, then neither can the program. The program can only see what the computer can see. If the subnets are preventing you from seeing the rest of the network, then you need to put distribution server on each subnet, or set up your subnets to communicate with eachother in some way.
Radmin on linux?
Ah, okay, and based on past releases. Soon = 2 years, so not soon probably = 4 or 5 years away.

Cool, I won't get my hopes up then. :D
Radmin on linux?
So I guess what Eugene is saying is that no, you can't CONTROL your server, ie, install Radmin Server on Linux. But that you can use a Linux machine to use Radmin Viewer, and control OTHER PCs running the server utilizing Wine.

Are there any plans for a Linux server release? I am a huge Linux user and would find it most helpful.
Remote Connection over Internet
If you are wanting to make a connection to a computer behind a router from the internet, you need to forward port 4899 to the computer you want to connect to. That should allow Radmin to connect through the router.

If you do not have a router, no port forwarding is necessary if using Windows XP, just put in the public IP of your computer and it should work.

Using Windows 7 however, you will most likely have to create a rule in your firewall in windows to again allow port 4899.
Remote Connection over Internet

I think what Eugene is saying here is that youll need a time machine because Radmin 4 is not out yet.

Did you mean Radmin 3.4 Yance?
Iphone Client
I would find use for an iPhone client as well. I already use RDP and it works well, so I would hope that if it does get developed, it is at least as intuitive as that. Though I would expect more from Famatech on this front honestly.
No longer able to log on to all users
Ah yes, well, I had a feeling it had to do with some sort of AD related issue. My suggestion would be to first try deleting the whole group from all the PCs and re adding them. There's probably not anything wrong with the group itself since other PCs are able to be accessed. If that still doesn't get it, I'd recreate the whole group in AD from scratch. There is a small possability its just Radmin itself. Does removing the program and reinstalling it help?
Edited: John Rose - 17.06.2010 12:05:07
No longer able to log on to all users
I have found, that, over time, due to updates, or other events that occur on a Domain joined PC, the security profiles can become corrupt. Try taking one of the troublesome machines off of the domain. Removing ALL users, both from Users in the control panel under users and groups, and any users specified in the Radmin security section as having access, as well as all users in the Local Admin group, then remove the computer account from your active directory. Then rejoin it to the domain. Once doing so, add any users needed back to both locations and then see if you are able to connect.

Sometimes, but not all the time, you can tell if the security profile is degraded or corrupt just by pulling up the Local Admins group under computer management, if you no longer see proper names, but instead a long hashed out number as any or all users, then the security profile is hosed and needs refreshed by pulling the computer off the domain, deleting the computer's account from AD, and rejoining the computer to the domain as if it was a new computer altogether.
Edited: John Rose - 16.06.2010 10:19:31
No longer able to log on to all users
Your machines ARE on a domain? Or no? What OS? Do you usually use windows security? Or a radmin security account?
Edited: John Rose - 15.06.2010 15:15:40
Radmin Activation - FW Connectivity
The best way to activate multiple machines is with the Activation Server. A server that you configure with a free portion of software located on the downloads page. This server then facilitates all the activations on your LAN. Just modify the MSI to point each individual installation to the activation server while it's installing, and each radmin server (network client) will come up, installed and fully activated. The only one that even needs internet access is the activation server itself. All other clients on the network receiving the software only need to be able to "see" the activation server.
Searching through the phonebook, Is there an easier way to search through large phonebooks
We aren't HUGE by any stretch but we have about 250 computers in the address book just in one folder. The others have another 40 or so. The way i do this is set the view to details and then you can order it by computer name or computer address. In the case when you know one or the other, order it by the type you know, then just start typing and it jumps to the computer you want, similar to when you do this in a folder in windows. This speeds up finding a computer, at least within one view. If you don't know what folder it's in to begin with this may pose a problem, especially if you have many folders, each containing up to several hundred or even thousand each.
Pre-Purhcase Questions
Yes there is an address book in the viewer. It can also be exported and saved into any other machine running the Viewer.

What i would do in your case is use something like remote desktop, or even Radmin into one machine that also has the viewer on it. From that machine you could connect to any of your machines on the LAN. This would only require you to set up one port forward.

One final thought, there is a server frontend that I have used called SSL VPN. I'm not sure if it is supported anymore, but you can add plugins into it, and there is a compatible plugin to Radmin for it. It installs a viewer side to your machine and you log into the server and then have access to any number of machines via radmin from that one server. The access is direct, it is only facilitated by the SSL VPN server. There may be other solutions like this that behave the same way, but this is one I know of and have seen actually work.

I don't think Radmin is able to centralize outside connections on its own, though it would be a fantastic feature to have. Unless someone else has another idea to actually do what the OP wants to do, I would be curious to hear that as well.
Edited: John Rose - 18.05.2010 08:45:01
cant connect to server with XP pro but can with XP home all same router
Do you have a port forward set up for each individual machine?

My initial thoughts would also be firewalls enabled on the machines you are trying to connect to. Windows firewall, or firewalls from your AV programs. make sure those are turned off, or that they have the correct port opened for Radmin to use.
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