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Topic: «Radmin under wine, Any other option coming soon?» on forum: Network management general discussion
05/31/2008 11:03:55
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Hi, I am a big radmin user. I really like the speed of it. During my windows days I got quite alot of my clients to use it as I found it faster than VNC.

The problem is I dont use windows anymore. I use debian and thats it.

I have tried radmin through wine and it does not compete with vnc any more. It is just slow, it reminds me of pcaw speeds.

I have even tried radmin through emulation such as virtualbox on winxp and it is better but still not good enough.

Basically for mac and linux users radmin just isnt an option. I dont want to go through the headache of changing over all my clients.

Are you planning on launching a linux version anytime soon?

Is there any way to improve my radmin speeds?

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