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RAdmin 3.5 server on Ubuntu/Wine
Is it possible to run RAdmin server 3.5 on Ubuntu/Wine? It installed normally but I cannot connect and it gives an error (cannot start) when I try to start the Radmin server.

I have Ubuntu 14.04.4 and Wine 1.6.
Rod C--
remote screen shows only part, display problem
I have RAdmin deployed on many client systems. On one computer when I connect I only see part of the screen. There is no scroll bar to see the rest. I cannot see the taskbar. What displays is the upper-left portion of the remote desktop. The fix is to right-click on the desktop, choose Properties, and so on until I can change the screen resolution. Once I change the resolution it redraws the remote and I see the full screen. Then I click Revert to go back to the resolution it was when I connected, and I still see the whole screen.

Has anyone encountered this before, and what did you do to fix it?
Rod C--
Dynamic DNS, Obtain IP address automatically
You don't need to know your brother's router's public IP address if you have a DynDNS set up. You only need to know the dynamic host name you created on DynDNS and configured your brother's router to use.

- You have to create a DynDNS account, then a host to use for your brother's Internet connection.
- You have to configure his router to use the DynDNS host entry, by connecting to the account you set up.
- You have to port-forward 4899 on your brother's router to the local IP of the local computer you want to RAdmin to. That's the LAN IP of 192.168.1.x that you mentioned.

Sorry, I can't give you router-specific menu choice, etc. instructions as I don't have those devices.

In your RAdmin viewer on your computer you put the DynDNS host name you created in the IP or hostname field of your connection entry for your brother's computer. When you connect to that you are sending an incoming connection request on port 4899 to your brother's router, which will forward that request to the local computer and you should get a username and password prompt. Enter the username and password you set up on his computer's RAdmin server in the permissions area of settings.

One other thing I strongly recommend is enabling IP address restrictions. It's in the Settings -> Options on your brother's computer. You will need to know your computer's public address. You can use or similar site to get your router's public IP. Enter that in the allowed list on your brother's computer. This keeps the hackers and bots on the Internet from hacking into your brother's computer. If your Internet connection is also a dynamic one (most are) then occasionally when you try to RAdmin to your brother's computer, instead of getting the login window you will get an IP address filter restriction error dialog box. Then you need to go to a web site like the one I mentioned here and get your new IP address, then get your brother to update the allowed list in his RAdmin server settings -> Options to allow this new IP and remove the old one.
Rod C--
running ms-dos applications with radmin
In Vista and 7 you cannot full-screen a DOS window anyway as Eugene said, so this will become less of a problem over time as pre-Vista computers are retired. Meanwhile you can set the DOS window's fonts so that you get a near-full screen window. If your DOS window is full-screen, press Alt-Enter to make it part-screen. (Pressing Alt-Enter again will return it to full screen.) Right-click on the title bar for the DOS window, then left click on Properties. Click on the Font tab in the properties window that will come up, then try various font sizes until you get one that you are happy with based on your screen resolution settings. Click the Ok button and choose 'Save properties for windows with same title' then click the Ok button again. This makes it so this font size will always be used for this program when it is opened again in the future.
Rod C--
strange log info, hackers
I strongly recommend you use IP filtering for all incoming connections. Settings for RAdmin Server -> Options -> IP filter. You will need to know the public IP address of all computer networks that are to be allowed incoming access. This can be done with free web sites like Some ISPs force IP address changes for all subscribers periodically and if so this will change the address of those remote network connections. I keep a record of all allowed addresses for each network I use RAdmin on, so when someone's IP address changes I can remove the old address from the allowed list as I am adding the new one.

The reason for doing this is so hackers will never have an opportunity to try to crack a password. Then all you'll see in your log is like this:

<1660> RServer3 2011.03.18 00:42 Connection from was closed because of FilterIp restrictions
<440> RServer3 2011.03.18 09:17 Connection from was closed because of FilterIp restrictions
<440> RServer3 2011.03.18 17:01 Connection from was closed because of FilterIp restrictions
Edited: Rod Carty - 18.03.2011 22:54:35
Rod C--
Remote Connection with DNS
RAdmin viewer works fine with host names instead of IP addresses. Use the host name instead of the IP address in the viewer's connection config. I have set this up for both 1) the first computer to connect to within a network (the computer that the router forwards port 4899 to) using a dynamic DNS name, and also 2) using host names within a network instead of IP addresses. As long as that first computer can resolve the DNS name to IP address, scenario 2 works fine. These two types of name lookups are independent of each other, so you can mix and match FQDNs on dynamic DNS host names, private network host names as defined in a hosts file or DHCP server DNS queries, with IP addresses.
Rod C--
Two routers
I assume your friend's two computers are able to access the Internet through the two routers so I'll conclude the network setup on the two is fine.

I have set up this kind of arrangement more than once, where the DSL connection is in a different part of the building from where the wireless is needed to be able to reach another building nearby so 2 routers are needed. I choose to use wireless routers not wireless bridges in order to reduce the wireless traffic.

The typical config is to forward port 4900 on the DSL router to the wireless router's WAN port IP address, and in turn forward port 4900 in the wireless router's config to the first computer on the other side of the wireless link. (I use port 4900 because port 4899 is already in use for computers on the LAN in the first building.)

In looking at the Paradyne 6211's config online I do see port forwarding in the Advanced menu.

One issue you may have is if the wireless router's WAN IP is being assigned via the Paradyne router's DHCP. Even if this works initially the address will change and break the RAdmin access. Better to use a static IP. In looking further at the Paradyne manual I see in Setup that it uses from .2 to .254 for the DHCP range. Linksys and others I've worked with start at .100 and I recommend you change the Paradyne's DHCP config to match. Then you can manually assign a static IP to the wireless router's WAN port of anything from .2 to .99. Whatever address you use set that as the address to port forward to in the Paradyne, of course.

If checking all this doesn't get it working I suggest temporarily plugging the laptop into a LAN port on the Paradyne and configure the port forwarding on the Paradyne to use the laptop's IP while troubleshooting. If that works you know the Paradyne config is good and the problem is either in the relationship between the two routers or the wireless router config.

If it doesn't work you may find the laptop's Windows firewall is blocking RAdmin or something. I usually turn off the MSoft firewall as the NAT in the DSL router provides sufficient firewalling so the Windows firewall is redundant. There was one Windows update not too long ago that turned the firewall back on without asking so you might check that rather than assume it's the way you set it before.

Hope this helps.
Rod C--
Upgrading from previous versions to 3.0 beta
Help file says to uninstall previous versions before installing the new 3.0 beta server, just thought I'd note this here for others.
Rod C--
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