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Functionality/Product advise
Thanks TSiE... appreciate clarification.

The deal for me & trials: as I said, dad is 1800 miles away. He's competent, but very slow. Getting him an install copy is several days, then arranging someone to come over there & set it up is more time. So knowing in advance limitiations is of use to me.

I've already been through the demo thing w/2 other similar products (which I'll leave unnamed): both were ok, but w/more than trivial (I'll call them) deficiencies.

I've poked around enough to now Radmin is well regarded and near "top of the heap" in this product category. So again, I appreciate your comments. For me, available time is a precious commodity, so knowing limitations up front matters. In particular, being able to see dad's "mousing" activity is high priority: he has Parkinson's (thus a mild hand tremor) and "rougue" clicks are a by product. Making him aware of when this happens, and what to do as correction is important.

And in the FWIW dept: please don't take my insistence on remote mouse functionality as a gripe... every single one of the other vendors 'lve looked at has approx -0- information on their pages re: issues I've asked about, and none has been responsive to my inquiries.

Thanks again.
Functionality/Product advise
One last thing: I understand I won't be able to see clicks. I'm wondering if I can see mouse cursor on remote computer?

Functionality/Product advise
Eugene: apology for sending IM... just a mistake (saw "message" button, thought it was for reply here).

I'll repeat question I sent:

Is "won't be able to see clicks" a limitation of trial version only, or licensed version as well.

Functionality/Product advise

I'm looking for remote mng software that will allow me to teach my 87 year old father how to use his computer. I'm several states away. :)

Dad is slow, but more than coherant, lucid and fully capable of understanding basics. In particular, goal is to get him going with using a browser. I'd prefer it Mozilla.

I'm hoping to be able to...

- execute clicks/text box entrys/min & maximize windows... all with him being able to see on his screen what I'm doing remotely.
- I'd like to be able to see on my screen what he does... again, clicks (or mis clicks... eg: he has Parkinsons therefore mild hand tremors cause un-desired clicks sometimes).

So, essentially, I want to use your product as a teaching tool. Is this appropriate?

a) is/are there limitiations... eg will it allow me to work w/any GUI on a remote computer? If not, what are exceptions? I'm wondering, in particular, about GUI(s) built by developers who use "built from the ground up" GUI tools like Developer Express.

b) Are there Windows OS version compatability issues? EG W2K, XP, VISTA all fully supported?

Ok, thanks a lot.
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