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Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer, Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer
Yes, I should have been a little more clear with the request. The Intel AMT would be nice to use, but we've got a heap of old workstations. In addition, the AMT workstations are generally more expensive and I just don't see a benefit to using it unless the workstations are at a remote location.
Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer, Add Wake-on-LAN to Radmin Viewer
It would be really nice if Radmin Viewer had the ability to wake computers up from an off state.

I could see it working most effectively in two ways:
1. Whenever Radmin Viewer connects to a workstation it will record its IP and MAC address.
2. Whenever the 'Scan for Active Servers (F5)' option is run, Radmin Viewer will scan all connections in the radmin phonebook and retain their IP and MAC addresses if available.

With that information, Radmin Viewer then could easily be able to use the Wake-on-LAN feature. :idea:

Thanks for such a great program! Made my life a lot easier BTW.
Remote Uninstall of 2.2 & 2.1, previous versions
Removal through GP:
I've been playing around with a few options.
Here's what I've come up with:

Create a batch file with the following named 'RemoveOldRadmin.bat':

IF NOT EXIST %ProgramFiles%\RAdmin\uninstal.log GOTO NOVER20
%SystemRoot%\unvise32.EXE /S %ProgramFiles%\RAdmin\uninstal.log
IF NOT EXIST %ProgramFiles%\RAdmin\uninstal.exe GOTO NOVER21OR22
"%ProgramFiles%\RAdmin\uninstal.exe" "%ProgramFiles%\RAdmin\uninstal.ini"
RD /Q /S "%ProgramFiles%\RAdmin"
RD /Q /S "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Remote Administrator v3.0"

Create a GP and have the batch run under the 'Computer Configuration', 'Windows Settings', 'Startup' script.

Just make sure that the 'Authenticated Users' group is placed on the 'RemoveOldRadmin.bat' file for read and execute security permissions.

The only annoyance received is at the workstation startup when the Remote Admin version uninstalls itself and the user at the workstation has to press 'OK' to complete the uninstall.
Edited: Stuart Egdell - 17.09.2008 19:39:00
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