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Linux viewer (and Android!)
I think they should first fix all the bugs and put in a lot of the user requests before touching Linux.

Although with how slow they move here, I wouldn't be surprised if LRadmin doesn't appear until 2020.
#1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button, #1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button
3.4 is only for Windows 7.
3.5 will apparently be the next one which puts in new features.
2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor

Although I really hope mostly for:

1. Sound - Through sound hook driver. Yes probably difficult but not impossible. Especially considering your devs have already created a video hook driver.

2. Registry editor (I am tired of using Radmin's Buggy "telnet" to execute reg.exe and type in the path & operation every time, if I am unable to access regedit on the server through Full control)

3. An improved "telnet". Seriously, this one now is laggy, buggy, and a true POS compared to what you can do with cmd.exe

4. A better file manager, especially for sending and receiving files. Would love to see copy and paste from server2client and vice versa (like that of VMWare's Workstation for Virtual Machines), but I know that this technology isn't easy and could require additional drivers & NT services to monitor actions which were performed.

Being a coder myself, I know that this type of software development isn't any walk in the park, but it is something to put on that TO DO list when some of your devs get bored and want to make the company gain more &$$ & popularity by blowing the competition out of the water.
Edited: John Smith - 04.04.2009 19:07:45
2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor
I use them a lot since I use radmin to troubleshoot comps :P
2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor
1. If regedit is blocked by malware, this is a highly useful implementation, since it would be client side, and not actually use regedit. When a change is made the command could be sent to the server in which case it would call the specific APIs to perform the requested operation

2. Speed. You do have to experience any lag when browsing and typing through the trees and hives

3. Could possibly improve over regedit (such as adding an address bar, bookmarks, etc)

4. Allow you to drag and drop .reg files with preprogrammed operations, to be sent to the server. This would be much easier than having to first locate and send the file to them, and then have regedit import it.

5. Modify the registry when no user is currently logged on

6. Exporting and importing Hive files directly from your machine, instead of having to transfer them back and forth.

7. View & troubleshoot a user's registry while he/she is currently performing some specific task (therefore would not have to take over their mouse and keyboard to change some kind of setting)

8. Back up portions of the registry directly into your machine (the client)


Feature Request for Viewer: Wake On LAN, Feature Request for Viewer: Wake On LAN
That is an interesting one, and indeed would be amazingly useful.

I wonder how hard it would be to code such a thing.
2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor
Anyone think a registry editor would be quite useful, as well?
Edited: John Smith - 27.03.2009 02:40:38
Feature Request - Block User Keyboard/Mouse
Yes it would be a nice option to have on the client side, to tell the server to do this.

I could create an application to do this, in which case it could then be sent to the server using Radmin's file transfer, and then executed using its "Telnet", but it might take some time to create.

Do you think it would worth the time to create this app?
I am trying to think how useful it would actually be.
Drag and Drop from Explorer to File Transfer
I agree, this could be easily coded if their language/controls support OLE Drag & Drop support.

The feature is similar to VMWare's Workstation.
Impressions from a former RealVNC user, A few suggestions to improve usability
I agree with these suggestions as well. They would be quite handy.

What I really hope for is just a registry editor.
That would be very useful.
2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor
I would suggest these 2 items for the future versions of Radmin.

1. Create a sound hook driver (I am sure it would be easier to create than the video hook driver.

2. Add a registry editor tool (The same basics that were used in FileTrasfer could be incorporated in a registry management tool.

What do you all think about these 2 things being included in Radmin?
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